And so, Abby and the drones traveled far into the dunes until they found Pinkie Wan Kadinkie......

(Abby knocks on door)

Pinkie Wan Kadinkie: Hello? Oh cool! A new oven and frosting dispenser!

Abby: Um, they're not either of those; they're service drones. And I'm Abby Sweetsinger. Listen, we need your help!

Pinkie Wan Kadinkie: Come inside. I'm making cupcakes!

(a few minutes later)

Prince Snap Hologram: Help me Pinkie Wan Kadinkie! The Dark One wants to get his hands on the blueprints for the Dark Star! I need your help! Please!?

Pinkie Wan Kadinkie: (Gasp!) This is serious!

Mor2J2: We know! We gotta stop him!

Abby: Problem is we need a ship AND a pilot!

Pinkie Wan Kadinkie: I know where to find those!

Abby, Pinkie Wan Kadinkie, Mor2J2, RigbyP0 travel to a local diner, hoping to find assistance......

Pinkie Wan Kadinkie: Excuse us! We are looking for the one they call Bea Solo.

Yang: The one you seek is over there, frozen on the wall.

(All look to see Bea frozen)

Abby: Well, we kinda need her help. Could you thaw her out for us? The universe is at stake!

Yin: Well, if it is that important.....

(Yin and Yang thaw Bea out with lazers)

Bea: (Gasp!!!) Thanks you guys! Pinkie Wan Kadinkie, what are you doing here?

Pinkie Wan Kadinkie: I'll explain later! Go get your ship and Gumbacca and meet us in the swamp!

Abby: Swamp?

Pinkie Wan Kadinkie: Yes! There is a swamp near here. Your mentor, Kickoda, lives there, and he shall guide you on your path to defeating the dark one.

Later, in the swamp....

Kickoda: Welcome! You're here for your training, right?

Abby: Exactly.

Kickoda: Use the force, you must. The force will help you defeat the dark one!

Abby: Is the force some sort of psycic power I can use to control things?

Kickoda: No. I'm refering to the force of cartoon powers.

Abby: ....Like what?

During training......

Kickoda: Using giant hammers is hard, so you have to keep your balance. Swing hard, you must, to achieve a knock-out!

Back on the Prince's ship....

Dark One: What did you do with the plans to the Dark Star?

Prince Snap: I dunno what your talkin' about!!

Dark One: Fine then, I'll just have to torture you!

(Presses button, and the song Friday by Rebecca Black plays on a stereo)

Stereo: (singing) It's Friday, Friday! Gotta get down on Friday!


Dark One: Good boy! Now where are the plans?

Prince Snap: What plans?

Dark One: Oh, COME ON!!

Prince Snap: What are you planning on doing with the Dark Star anyway?

Dark One: Only the worst thing known to cartoon kind....

Prince Snap: Oh no! You're not gonna--

Dark One: That's right! I'm going to delete all of the good cartoons from the universe's TVs and replace them with a documentary about the history of sports!

Prince Snap: I dunno, it doesn't sound so bad....

Dark One: In real life! With NO INVOLVEMENT OF CARTOONS!!


To be continued......

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