After heavy training, Abby and the gang go off to find the prince.

Pinkie Wan Kadinkie: Oh no! I just sensed that the prince has been taken to Skrawl the Hutt!

Abby: Well, where is he?

Gumbacca: RAWR!!!

Bea: According to Gumbacca....up ahead! In the ChalkZone System!

After landing....

Abby: There he is!!

Prince Snap: Help!! These chains are heavy!!

Abby: Let's go!

Pinkie Wan Kadinkie: Wait! I sense that the Dark One is around. You go on ahead. I'll stay hear.

Bea: Skrawl! Let the prince go!

Skrawl: Never!

Abby: Please Skrawl!

Skrawl: No! Not unless...

Abby: Unless what?

Skrawl: Not unless you survive....the beast that lives in that hole!


Dark One: Well hello, Pinkie Wan Kadinkie!

Pinkie Wan Kadinkie: You'll never stop Abby, Dark One! She WILL stop you!

Dark One: Only one of us will succeed in our quests...(breaks out lightsaber) Wanna duel to find out?

Pinkie Wan Kadinkie: Okie Dokey Lokie!

Abby: Wow, that didn't take long!

Bea: Good thing that monster was just a fairy!

Abby and Bea: (Gasp!)

Dark One: Take THIS! (hits Pinkie)

Pinkie Wan Kadinkie: Ah! (falls)

Abby: No! Pinkie!!

Dark One: I better get going. (Runs off)

Abby: No! Pinkie! Don't die!! (Sobs)

Pinkie Wan Kadinkie: Don't cry Abby. Your tears keep getting on my face.

Abby: Pinkie! I thought you were dead!

Pinkie Wan Kadinkie: What? And make all my friends sad? Never!

Bea: Pinkie! We saved the prince!

Prince Snap: Thank you Abby. Same to you, Bea and Pinkie.

Abby: Yes, but that's only part 1. Part 2 is to find the Dark One and stop him.

To be continued.....

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