The Phoenix, led by Captain Erika Benteen, travels across the galaxy in search of the Lost Council of Talbern Seven. But the Romulan Borath has sent his apprentice Tulon to capture and kill them. Now Benteen must battle many enemies to complete his mission.


  1. "Arrival on Terok Nor"
  2. "Times on Starbase 55"
  3. "The Past on Cardassia"
  4. "Mission on Qualor II"
  5. "Journey to Ronara Prime"
  6. "Mission on Selay"
  7. "Arrival on Antica"
  8. "Return to Ronara Prime"
  9. "Council on Talbern VII"
  10. "Attack on Cardassia"
  11. "Arrival on Andor"

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