In Star Trek: Refuge Return of Sigma T'Ara a young vulcan girl who lives in Miami with her adoptive father Elias Vaughn and her friends, a bajoran tough guy nammed Riv Jakar, a cardassian girl nammed Kam, her best friend Ashley and her other good friend Jake Sisko.


T'ara: A young Vulcan girl who lived among humans after her home colony was assimilated.


When T'Ara's adoptive grandfather dies, he leaves her a journal that once belonged to him during his adventures in the Isla Variatas Island chain. But, this journal also contains interesting notes on something called the Sigma Technology (Technology used to combine two separate animals). However, someone wants the journal for their own purposes. Now, the journal is gone, and its up to T'Ara, her father, her friends and a more than 400 year old Lucy Willings to battle their way across the islands to get the journal back.

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