Star Trek: Refuge: The Avatar Returns focuses around the last of the Avatars, Aang and his friends trying to fit in a world that don't know them. They have to go to school in the Refuge Era on an earth populated by many different species. The story takes place in the city of Paragon City. The children also face 24th Centuary Versions of themselves.


  • Aang is the last of the Avatars, leader of the group and the Last Airbender.
  • Katara: One of Aangs best friends and the last Waterbender.
  • Sokka: Kataras brother. A warrior in training and constantly mocked by other students.
  • Toph: A blind wild child and one of the last earthbenders.
  • Zuko: Ex-enemy of Aang and the last Firebender.
  • The Duke: is a small boy with excellent fighting skills.
  • Haru is an old friend of Kataras and one of the last Earthbenders.
  • Teo: a young machainical genius and the son of an inventor.
  • Iroh: an elderly man who is a big softy and loves tea.
  • Aang is J.J. Adams: a bald human who is interested in history and Archaeology.
  • Katara is Tekoa: a young bajoran girl who lives in a Refugee House in the Essex County of Conneticutt.
  • Sokka is Seskal: a young cardassian boy who lives in the same Refugee House as Tekoa.
  • Toph is Lisa: a young blind trill girl who lives in the same refugee house known as the Ceti Refugee House.
  • Zuko is Katogh: an agressive young klingon boy whose home colony was assimilated by the borg, he got a scar from a borg who attacked him.He also lives in the Ceti Refuge House.
  • Azula is Kilana: a young Vorta girl whose home was assimilated and her mother killed by the borg. According to her, her mother was ashamed of her telekenetic powers.
  • Haru is Haron: a young Kazon male who is trying to prove himself to the kazon in massachussits that he can have the Jal name.
  • Teo is Tok: an intellegent young Vulcan boy whose job it is to assist Teo in the technology of the 24th century.
  • The Duke is Dalok: a young Vaadwaur who feels alone because there are only 600 Vaadwaur left, only 60 lived in New England.
  • Iroh is Ian: a human male that runs the Ceti Refugee House.


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