Christopher Thorton
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Born: May 9, 2233
Died: January 19, 2400
Status: Deceased
Age: 0 (2008, Not Born),
42 (2400, Appears),
167 (2400, Actual)
First Appearence:
Affiliation: Starfleet
Assignment: Captain of the U.S.S. Santa
Rank: Captain (2267)

Christopher Thorton, (2233-2400) born May 9, 2233 (the same year as James T. Kirk) is a human male, the Captain of the U.S.S. Santa, and a War Hero who fought in the Federation-Klingon War of 2267 at the youthful age of 34 and lost his left eye by phaser fire when a Klingon commander snuck aboard the U.S.S. Santa and attacked him.


Early life (2233-2246)

Chris made quick friends in school and met Kevin J. Korso while there in the year 2246. Kevin, a father of one of Chris's girlfriends was famous at the time and taught Chris the ways of Starfleet and influenced him to get involved.

Teenage years (2246-2250)

At the age of 16, just one day before his 17th birthday and first day at Starfleet Academy, he saw his father thrown off a cliff and into the Grand Canyon, crushing his head.

Chris, at the other side of the canyon, saw the man's face and realized that is was his friend Ben. He went to Ben's house, acting as though he wanted to hang out, and brutally stabbed him three times in the back, but made sure he survived.

Chris dragged Ben to his vehicle and drove him to the canyon, and jumped from the vehicle, letting him (in the trunk) crash to the bottom to die, just hours after his father was killed. Chris never found out the reason Ben betrayed him, and died just as he was being told.

Starfleet Academy (2250-2254)

While in Starfleet Academy, Chris met a young student by the name of James T. Kirk, and quckly made friends. However, due to later surprising issues, Chris was stabbed in the back by another student, literally, and was taken to the medical quarters, where Kirk helped his friend by convincing his superiors to let Chris stay in the Academy, despite his injuries.

Federation-Klingon War (2267)

Chris fought in the Federation-Klingon War of 2267 at the youthful age of 34, losing his left eye by phaser fire when a Klingon commander snuck aboard the U.S.S. Santa and attacked him, and though injured, he managed to throw the commander to the floor of the bridge and initiated the self-destruct button, as many more Klingons boarded his ship, and narrowly escaped as he watched, and smiled as the Klingon commander first screamed in horror and then was blasted to pieces by the explosion.

Early retirement (2267-2274)

Nexus life (2274-2399)

Thorton came back from retirement in 2274, only to be taken into the Nexus only days later.

Death (2400)

Knowing that Grig was going to escape with all information on his crew's undercover positions, Chris started the self destruct sequence on the ship, and ran for the escape pods.

As he reached them, he caught Grig launching all but one, and tried to stop him. Grig phasered Chris through the chest, fatally wounding him.

Near death, Chris managed to launch the pod while Grig was entering it, the door shutting and trapping Grig by the right leg, dragging him out into space with no suit to protect him.

Grig died watching Chris smile at him. Paul came back for him to heal him, but realized it was too late. Paul's pod had been nearly destroyed and he was forced to return to survive. Chris died minutes later (of the same weapon that gave him his iconic eye injury) while trying to warn Paul (and interrupting Paul when he was informing him the truth about his father's death) about the self destruct sequence. Paul was forced to mourn, however, not knowing that the self destruct sequence was initiated, Paul died seconds after Chris, due to the explosion. Two heroes being killed seconds apart, lost in space forever.

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