Disney/Star Wars/Batman
   Buzz Lightyear as Batman/Bruce Wayne
   Padme as Batgirl/Barbara Gordon
   Obi-Wan as Alfred
   Mace Windu as Commissioner Gordon
   Anakin Skywalker as Robin/Dick Grayson
   Luke Skywalker as Nightwing/Terry McGinnis
   Emperor Palpatine as Joker
   Revan as Two Face/Harvey Dent
   Lord Vader(Episode III)as The Riddler
   Count Dooku as Ra's Al Ghul
   Nute Gunray as Scarecrow
   Asajj Ventress as Catwoman/Selina Kyle
   General Grievous as Bane
   Darth Vader as Mr.Freeze
   Aurra Sing as Poison Ivy
   Darth Maul as The Penguin

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