Fictional About

The Fellipian Army is a large goup of fleets comanded by Fleet Admiral Fell Skyhawk, made to defend the galaxy against the Yuzzan Vong. Unfortunetly due to a blackhole they did not get there in time.


Website for x-wing alliance and battlefront2 squadrons to form and use.

Different members will have the ability to have there own fighter in a squadron, have and run a squadron, or comand a ship.

They can also participate in creating a new Star Wars world starting from after the Yuuzan Vong Wars, compleatly non-cannon however, but must conform with all stories in Star Wars before that time period. Also you can make before that time period stories, but they must go along with the facts from cannon Star Wars were made during and before 2007, this is because if a new story comes out that makes that one not true, then if it was after 2007 then it whouldn't work. However these stories must be aprroved by the Fleet Admiral Fell Skyhawk. To get aproval post your story in Star Wars Timeline as new link, then they will be reviewed and aprroved by Fell Skyhawk or deleated. Please do not deleat anyone elses work.

Do not worry about editing, your fellow human, twi'lek, duros, wookie, ect. will edit it for you.


Do not use these yet, until they are constructed please

Except if you want to join, then place your star wars name in Charectors and wait until the structure is set and this site is ready for all edit, and follow the rules and regulations please. Also any stared of ones can be used.

Listed Ships







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