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Star Wars: Unforeseen Destiny

Star Wars: Unforeseen Destiny is an Ezboard roleplaying game where members take on the role of an original character invented by the player in an alternate Star Wars Universe.

Created originally on November 27th 2001 under the name "Star Wars: The Old Republic" by Avia Balin, the board enjoyed great success until Avia left to pursue other projects. Shortly after, the board spawned a seperate board - Star Wars: Glory of the Old Republic - before being resurrected under the name Star Wars: Unforeseen Destiny.

Set 58 years after the events of the Star Wars saga, the board assumes the events of the New Jedi Order series of books never occured. Thus, the New Republic continues in force, opposed by the GNC, a front for the rising Sith Empire. Additional elements complicate Galactic Politics, such as the New Empire and the Ordo Imperialus.

The board has enjoyed a rich story line, (a summary of which can be found here) and currently has just finished a phase known as the Jedi Exile, where the Republic is fooled into attacking the Jedi, driving them from their home on Coruscant. The board now prepares for the Sith Civil War, where waring factions within the Sith compete for the ultimate prize - the position as Dark Lord, while the Jedi are hunted by the Republic.

Board Timeline by MarAnd Boolin

The below remains the intelectual property of MarAnd Boolin


-6. Jedi Master Mar’And Boolin is born.


-4. The Battle of Yavin. The first Death Star is destroyed by Luke Skywalker and the Rebel Alliance.




0. The Battle of Endor. The second Death Star is destroyed in an attack by the Rebel Alliance. Emperor Palpatine is killed by his former student, Darth Vader.

Post-Endor: The Beginning

1. The New Republic forms.

2. Luke Skywalker sets up the New Jedi Order on Coruscant; the centre of the New Republic.







9. Dark Lord Orbisis Ex Allan born.






15. Supreme Chancellor Lenan Miader is born.


17. Jedi Master Jake Daniels is born.



20. Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade are killed.

Post-Endor: First trials

21. The fledgling Jedi Order is at sufficient strength to begin marshalling the galaxy again. Jedi advisors and diplomats are sent to key systems.


23. Skirmishes are fought throughout the galaxy between the last Imperial Remnants and Jedi-backed systems.

24. The Andaran system is ravaged by war.


26. The Force Wars begin. The Sith order reveal themselves as a threat to the galaxy.

27. The Force Wars.

28. The Force Wars. Avia Balin is killed and Jada Knun succeeds her. The Sith Dark Lord Kamataki dies is also killed and Orbisis Ex Allen succeeds him at the tender age of 19. These deaths signal the end of the Force Wars.

Post-Endor: The Great Wars

29. The Faction Wars. The Faction takes advantage of the weakened Sith and Jedi and invade key systems, including the Sullust system.

30. The Faction Wars. War turns against the Faction. Connor Xion destroys Sullust as a final sign of defeat.






36. The Legion Wars; Mavado Turel and Jake Daniels, 19, defect from the Sith to form the Legion of the Black Moon. Swathes of Republic space are annexed.

37. The Legion Wars. The Sith and the Jedi sign a surprise treaty, uniting their forces against the Legion. This action causes dispute within the Jedi Order, which splits under the strain.

38. The Legion Wars. The Battle on Coruscant. Republic forces repel a potential killer-blow of the Legions.

39. The Legion Wars end. Mavado Turel dies. Jake Daniels assumes power, but disbands the Legion. Jake Daniels joins the Jedi.


41. The Second Legion Wars. Mavado Turel is resurrected for the first time and gathers the Legion remnants together for one last attack. The Legion is ultimately destroyed when Quazar Binks leads an attack against their base on Dantella IV.

Post-Endor: The spoils of war

42. The Sith see the Republic is still recovering from years of war and invade the Dantellan system. Jake Daniels leads a Republic force against them but is turned away. The G.N.C threaten to destroy Dantella if troubled further, and take control of the system.

43. Jake Daniels marries a fellow Jedi, Asha-Missir Daniels. The Jedi Order is evolving.


45. Mar'And Boolin leaves the Jedi. Jake Daniels leads a Jedi force against the Sith Stronghold. Quazar Binks is killed and Asha Missir-Daniels is lost. 46. Jake Daniels becomes Head of the Jedi Council. The renegade Sith Rynn D'shal dies in an attack on the Sith stronghold.

Post-Endor: The Aggressive

47. Mavado Turel is resurrected for a final time and attempts to reform the Legion. Rynn D'Shal is resurrected by the Orb of Kamataki. Mar'And Boolin returns to the Jedi.

48. The Jedi Knight Sygh is killed by Rynn D'Shal.

49. Chandrilla swept by force plague. Rynn D'shal dies.




53. Civil war breaks out on Andara.


55. Jake Daniels is put on trial for his crimes on the Night of Dark Force. Civil war on Andara ends and the Illuminated are formed. Lenan Miader is appointed Supreme Chancellor.

56. The Legion attack Nubia and Metallos. Jake Daniels takes leave from the Jedi Order. The Empire invades Yaga Minor. Joseph Nentan succeeds Orbisis Ex Allen as the Dark Lord. Orbisis flees into exile and uses stolen funds to set up the Ordo Imperialus.

57. Bespin and Muunilinst are attacked by the Legion and the Jedi are framed for the atrocities. The Knight Baenre D’Deridaux is exiled.

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