Pirates of the Kessel Run Episode 2: Rise of the Jedi


  1. Opening Logos
  2. Rise of the Jedi
  3. Battle Over Coruscant
  4. Rescuing the Chancellor
  5. Happy Reunions
  6. Bad Dreams
  7. Counsel with Yoda
  8. The Chancellor's Request
  9. Johnny, a Jedi Master
  10. Anakin's Secret Assignment
  11. Not the Chosen One?
  12. Tragedy of Darth Plagueis
  13. Kashyyyk
  14. A Hero Lost, A Hero Found
  15. Meeting Etain Tur-Mukan
  16. Jedi War Council
  17. Sidious Revealed
  18. Escape from the Tuskens
  19. Mother and Son Reunion
  20. Mace and Johnny Learns the Truth
  21. Anakin's Fatal Decision
  22. Mace vs. Sidious
  23. A New Chosen One
  24. March on the Jedi Temple
  25. Jedi Rescue
  26. Evacuating the Jedi from the Temple
  27. Johnny vs. Darth Sidious
  28. Speed Chase through Coruscant
  29. The Heroes Regroup
  30. Fall of the Empire
  31. The Terrible Truth
  32. Obi-Wan Confronts Padme
  33. Friends' Reunion
  34. Padme's Departure
  35. "You're Breaking My Heart"
  36. Johnny and Anakin to the Rescue
  37. Destruction of the Sith
  38. High Speed Lava Escape
  39. Rebirth of the Jedi Order
  40. The Official Marriage of Anakin and Padme
  41. Sailing Into The Sunset
  42. End Credits

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