Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi


  1. Opening Logos
  2. Return of the Jedi
  3. Vader's Unexpected Visit
  4. Arrival at Jabba's Palace
  5. A Message and a Gift
  6. The Max Rebo Band
  7. The Price for Chewbacca
  8. Free From the Carbonite
  9. Enter the Jedi
  10. "Oh No! the Rancor!"
  11. On the Sail Barge
  12. The Sarlacc Pit
  13. The Emperor Arrives
  14. Yoda's Twilight
  15. A Certain Point of View
  16. Rebel Briefing
  17. Lending the Falcon
  18. The Emperor's Instructions
  19. Flying Casual
  20. Arrival on Endor
  21. Speeder Bike Chase
  22. Leia Meets Wicket
  23. Vader's Report
  24. An Ewok Trap
  25. The Golden God
  26. Campfire Stories
  27. Brother and Sister
  28. Luke Surrenders
  29. Rebel Recon
  30. The Alliance Fleet
  31. Back Door
  32. Luke and the Emperor
  33. "It's A Trap"
  34. Ewok Attack
  35. Fully Operational
  36. The Battle Rages
  37. The Dark Side Beckons
  38. The Ewoks Turn the Tide
  39. Father vs. Son
  40. Taking the Bunker
  41. A Jedi's Fury
  42. The Shield Is Down
  43. Force Lightning
  44. Vader's Redemption
  45. Into the Death Star
  46. Anakin Unmasked
  47. Death Star Destroyed
  48. Funeral Pyre
  49. Celebration
  50. End Credits

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