Anakin as DenziRed

Obi-Wan as DenzBlue

Mace Windu as DenziYellow

Plo Koon as DenziGreen

Ahsoka Tano as DenziPink

Cad Bane

Aurra Sing

Commando Droids

Story Line

Anakin: DenziRed

Obi-Wan: DenziBlue

Mace Windu: DenziYellow

Plo Koon: DenziGreen



(Anakin Attacks)

(Obi-Wan Attack)

(Plo Koon Attack)

(Ahsoka Attack)

(Mace Windu Attack)

(Anakin Special Attack)

(Ahsoka Special Attack)

(Plo Koon Attack)

(Mace Windu Attack)

(Anakin Attack)

(Rangers chase Cad Bane)


(Special Attack)


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