The only Transdimensional Void Runners to visit the universe of Star Wars [1] are Hesychast monks and nuns from the Universe of the Magisterium. The planet Corusant [2] is obviously a parallel-universe version of Earth. Jedi [3], Sith [4], and other users of the so-called Force [5] apparently have not learned to use their powers for universe jumping.

The Hesychast elements first appeared in this universe 30 years after the Battle of Yavin [6], years after the fall of the Galactic Empire [7] and after the New Republic [8] had been transformed into the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances [9].

An Official Magisterium sect has been established on Corusant, preaching a belief in a Supreme Being who created different universes, and that the Force is a divine gift from this God. This Official Magisterium faction is slowly but surely spreading across Corusant and across the galaxy via hyperspace-capable starships.

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