Anakin Skywalker as Akarenger

Obi-Wan Kenobi as Aorenger

Rex as Kirenger

Ahsoka Tano as Momorenger

Cody as Midorenger

Count Dooku

Lines for the First Battle:

(Obi-Wan and Cody Pops out)

(Ahsoka and Cody Pop out)

(Anakin Morphs)

Anakin: Akarenger

Obi-wan: Aorenger

Rex: Kirenger

Ahsoka: Momorenger

Cody: Midoenger

(All jumps)

All: Gorenger

Count Dooku: Gorengers?

(All jumps)

(Anakin lands)

(Anakin's Whip Attack)

(Obi-wan flips)

(Obi-Wan's Arrow Attaxk)

(Cody's Boomerang Attack)

(Obi-Wan attacks a Battle Droid)

(Rex attacks a Battle Droid)

(Cody attacks a Battle Droid)

(Rex attacks)

'('Obi-wan jumps)

(Ahsoka jumps)


Ahsoka: Darn it

(Ahsoka's Heart attack)

(Ahsoka attacks the Droideka)

(Anakin attacks)

(Rex attacks)

(Obi-wan attacks)


Anakin: Gorenger Frow

Ahsoka: OK

(Ahsoka holds a Bounty Hunter Tremeal)

Ahsoka: Gorenger Frow

(Ahsoka kicks the tremeal)

(Cody kicks)

(Rex kicks)

(Obi-Wan kicks)

(Anakin kicks)


Coming Soon

Star Wars the Clone Wars/J.A.K.Q

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