Kit Fisto as Jason (Red Ranger)

Obi-Wan Kenobi as Billy (Blue Ranger)

Mace Windu as Zack (Black Ranger)

Barriss Offee as Trini (Yellow Ranger)

Luminara Unduli as Kimbeley (Pink Ranger)

Anakin Skywalker as Tommy Oliver (Green Ranger)

Cody as Rocky (Red Ranger 2)

Padme Amidala as Aisha (Yellow Ranger 2)

Rex as Adam (Black Ranger 2)

Ahsoka Tano as Katherine (Pink Ranger 2)

Yoda as Zordon

R2-D2 as Alpha 5

Waxer and Boil as Bulk and Skull

Asajj Ventress as Rita Repulsa

Count Dooku as Lord Zedd

Savage Opress as Rito Revolto

General Grevious as Goldar

Battle Droids as Putty Potrollers

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