88 Rider Dragon, known as Star Yakato the Alien Glyder in English-speaking markets, is a Japanese anime series created by Animations Collective. The anime series is based on Vo Atsushi and his Japanese pop band, New Rote'ka. The main characters' superhero form is actually based on one of Atsushi's music videos' characters and albums titled "Yayauke Rider Dragon" or "88 Rider Dragon". The series features a heavingly Japanese soundtrack which was used in both original and English dub.

The series was English dubbed in September 20, 2011 as "Star Yakato the Alien Glyder" featuring Mr. Roboto by Styx as the series' theme song. The main chaacters' three names were the only ones that were not changed from the original dub. References to Japanese culture are removed or sometimes changed to more American things. Some instances of Japanese text (mostly the characters names when written) have been changed to English to make the show understandable for American children. Also, warriors such as Jiraiya or Miyamoto Musashi were changed to Johnny Appleseed and Christopher Columbus to Americanize the show. Celebrity voices such as Ryan Ochoa, Moises Arias, David Bowie and Miranda Cosgrove were used to voice the characters.

The series is cancelled in October 4, 2011 due to lack of money for each actor. The final episode produced called "Lost his Voice" featured four short songs and a long encore featuring all characters singing. Despite the series' cancellation, a Christmas-special aired titled "Christmas Concert" which features CGI graphics.


The series focuses on 10-year old Yamato Zhanasushi who, along with his best friends; Morris Ransom, Chris Peggleton and Sam Kimberley form a band called New Rote'ka (Makea-Face! in English dub) with Yamato becoming with the alias, Vo Atsushi. But after visiting a weird planet called 88, he gained a weird vibration and gave him the ability to transform into an alien-like superhero named Star Yakato.


  • Moises Arias - Yamato Zhanasushi: A teenage boy from Japan who moved to the US to become a pop musician named Vo' Atsushi.
  • David Bowie - Vo Atsushi singing English songs
  • Vo Atsushi - Himself singing Japanese songs
  • Ryan Ochoa - Star Yakato: After landing on planet 88, he took in the oxygen and mutated into an alien superhero.
  • Miranda Cosgrove - Sam Kimberley: The band's tamborinist and Yamato's love intrest.
  • Doug Erholtz - Chris Peggleton: The band's lead guitarist and Yamato's best friend.
  • Jerry Trainor - Doug Ransom: The band's bass guitarist and the silent one.

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