Flag Officer Rank Insignia

Starfleet Command Rank Name
12-FltAdml-Red Fleet Admiral
11-Adml-Red Admiral
10-VAdml-Red Vice Admiral
09-RAdml-Red Rear Admiral
08-Comm-Red Commodore
07-FltCapt-Red Fleet Captain

Line Officer Rank Insignia

Commissioned Provisional
Command Medicine Sciences Operations Rank Name Operations Sciences Medicine Command
06-Capt-Red 06-Capt-Blue 06-Capt-Teal 06-Capt-Gold Captain P6-Capt-Gold P6-Capt-Teal P6-Capt-Blue P6-Capt-Red
05-Cmdr-Red 05-Cmdr-Blue 05-Cmdr-Teal 05-Cmdr-Gold Commander P5-Cmdr-Gold P5-Cmdr-Teal P5-Cmdr-Blue P5-Cmdr-Red
04-LtCmdr-Red 04-LtCmdr-Blue 04-LtCmdr-Teal 04-LtCmdr-Gold Lieutenant Commander P4-LtCmdr-Gold P4-LtCmdr-Teal P4-LtCmdr-Blue P4-LtCmdr-Red
03-Lt-Red 03-Lt-Blue 03-Lt-Teal 03-Lt-Gold Lieutenant P3-Lt-Gold P3-Lt-Teal P3-Lt-Blue P3-Lt-Red
02-LtJG-Red 02-LtJG-Blue 02-LtJG-Teal 02-LtJG-Gold Lieutenant Junior Grade P2-LtJG-Gold P2-LtJG-Teal P2-LtJG-Blue P2-LtJG-Red
01-Ens-Red 01-Ens-Blue 01-Ens-Teal 01-Ens-Gold Ensign P1-Ens-Gold P1-Ens-Teal P1-Ens-Blue P1-Ens-Red

Enlisted Officer Rank Insignia

Commissioned Provisional
Command Sciences Services Rank Name Services Sciences Command
W4-CWO4-Red W4-CWO4-Blue W4-CWO4-Gold Chief Warrant Officer Fourth Grade PW4-CWO4-Gold PW4-CWO4-Blue PW4-CWO4-Red
W3-CWO3-Red W3-CWO3-Blue W3-CWO3-Gold Chief Warrant Officer Third Grade PW3-CWO3-Gold PW3-CWO3-Blue PW3-CWO3-Red
W2-CWO2-Red W2-CWO2-Blue W2-CWO2-Gold Chief Warrant Officer Second Grade PW2-CWO2-Gold PW2-CWO2-Blue PW2-CWO2-Red
W1-WO1-Red W1-WO1-Blue W1-WO1-Gold Warrant Officer First Grade PW1-WO1-Gold PW1-WO1-Blue PW1-WO1-Red

Academy Cadet Rank Insignia

Command Sciences Services Rank Name
C4-Cadet1st-Red C4-Cadet1st-Blue C4-Cadet1st-Gold Cadet First Class
C3-Cadet2nd-Red C3-Cadet2nd-Blue C3-Cadet2nd-Gold Cadet Second Class
C2-Cadet3rd-Red C2-Cadet3rd-Blue C2-Cadet3rd-Gold Cadet Third Class
C1-Cadet4th-Red C1-Cadet4th-Blue C1-Cadet4th-Gold Cadet Fourth Class
C0-CadetRecruit-Red C0-CadetRecruit-Blue C0-CadetRecruit-Gold Cadet Recruit

Enlisted Rank Insignia

Command Sciences Services Rank Name
009-MCPO-Red 009-MCPO-Blue 009-MCPO-Gold Master Chief Petty Officer
008-SCPO-Red 008-SCPO-Blue 008-SCPO-Gold Senior Chief Petty Officer
007-CPO-Red 007-CPO-Blue 007-CPO-Gold Chief Petty Officer
006-PO1st-Red 006-PO1st-Blue 006-PO1st-Gold Petty Officer First Class (Technician)
005-PO2nd-Red 005-PO2nd-Blue 005-PO2nd-Gold Petty Officer Second Class (Specialist)
004-PO3rd-Red 004-PO3rd-Blue 004-PO3rd-Gold Petty Officer Third Class (Yeoman)
003-Crew1st-Red 003-Crew1st-Blue 003-Crew1st-Gold Crewman First Class
002-Crew2nd-Red 002-Crew2nd-Blue 002-Crew2nd-Gold Crewman Second Class
001-Crew3rd-Red 001-Crew3rd-Blue 001-Crew3rd-Gold Crewman Third Class
000-CrewRecruit-Red 000-CrewRecruit-Blue 000-CrewRecruit-Gold Crewman Recruit
00-None-Red 00-None-Blue 00-None-Gold Unranked Federation Representative
00-None-White 00-None-White 00-None-White Civilian

Alernate Rank Insignia

Federation Starships
Section 31 RPG:

Inactive: USS Fearless
NPC: USS Intrepid

Literary Ship: USS Destiny

Starbase 118:
Current: USS Ronin
Future: USS Endeavour-A
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Commbadge Based

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