Flag Officer Ranks Line Officer Ranks Enlisted Officer Ranks Cadet Ranks Enlisted Ranks
Rank Name Badge Rank Name Badge Rank Name Badge Rank Name Badge Rank Name Badge
Fleet Admiral 12-FltAdml-Badge Captain 06-Capt-Badge Chief Warrant Officer, Fourth Grade W4-CWO4-Badge Cadet, First Class C4-Sr-Badge Master Chief Petty Officer E9-MCPO-Badge
Admiral 11-Adml-Badge Commander 05-Cmdr-Badge Chief Warrant Officer, Third Grade W3-CWO3-Badge Cadet, Second Class C3-Jr-Badge Senior Chief Petty Officer E8-SCPO-Badge
Vice Admiral 10-VAdml-Badge Lt. Commander 04-LtCmdr-Badge Chief Warrant Officer, Second Grade W2-CWO2-Badge Cadet, Third Class C2-Soph-Badge Chief Petty Officer E7-CPO-Badge
Rear Admiral 09-RAdml-Badge Lieutenant 03-Lt-Badge Warrant Officer, First Grade W1-WO1-Badge Cadet, Fourth Class C1-Fresh-Badge Petty Officer, First Class E6-PO1-Badge
Commodore 08-Comm-Badge Lieutenant J.G. 02-LtJG-Badge Petty Officer, Second Class E5-PO2-Badge
Fleet Captain 07-FltCapt-Badge Ensign 01-Ens-Badge Petty Officer, Third Class E4-PO3-Badge
Crewman, First Class E3-Crew1-Badge
Crewman, Second Class E2-Crew2-Badge
Crewman, Third Class E1-Crew3-Badge
Crewman Recruit E0-CrewRec-Badge
Emergency Medical Hologram H1-EMH-Badge

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