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Starport: GE is a game, where you'll try to merchant and fight and make colonies and try to be the Emperor of Space. Each game is 2 weeks long, and in this time you must collect everything you want.


When you start you have a spaceship and $10,000 cash. You can then try the tutorial, or just skip it. Main controls are simple:

  • Arrow keys can be used for moving
  • By pressing Ctrl you can shoot
  • Tab launches Special Weapon
  • Shift is turbo
  • If you wanna go inside something press F1

You can also write some commands to the chat. Most used are:

/help shows all commands
/shout MESSAGE sends MESSAGE to everyone
/reply MESSAGE sends MESSAGE to last player who has sent you a message
/goto SOLARSYSTEM tells your auto-pilot to navigate to SOLARSYSTEM
/where SOLARSYSTEM tells you SOLARSYSTEM coordinates

Making money

To make money, you can for example fight or merchant. Merchanting is good and safe way to make money. But by fighting you can get lots of money very fast, or lose your money.

To merchant, go to a starport and click on Merchant Docks. Click an item you want to buy. Then select how much you want. After that go to second starport and sell these items there. All starports are not buying or selling all items!!!

To fight, go to not UN-controlled area and find an enemy. Then it's up to you. You can shoot with Ctrl and use Special Weapon with Tab. It's a good idea to buy some rockets or mines at a starbase and use them in a fight, because they will do very good damage, but they also are expensive. To launch them click on it.


Buy a biodome at a starbase. Go to a planet and click it. Congratulations, you now have a colony! Now you can do anything you want with it. You can go to a starport and find some colonists there. Bring them to your colony, and it makes much more money!

Links Starport: GE homepage.

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