Start Where You Are

Start Where You Are is a Shining Time Station sung by Lonny Price from A Place Unlike Any Other.


Whenever people tell you to stop where you are
It will mean pronounced you're free
Stop where you are and see
Where you are's the only place you can be

So start where you are
Right before your eyes there's air
Take a magic breath there
Now you're filled with super fuel
To go where you'll see, hear, smell things
Weird things, swell things

Start where you are
Right before you found your friend
Touch your fingers end to end
The connection starts to park
That lights the dark for someone goes nowhere
You might go and you'll look into the corners
Where you'll never see
All the corners of the world belong to you
Hiding's only half of playing Hide and Seek
Gotta go and look to find what's true

Start where you are
Take your magic friend a hand
Now you're touching magic land
And the journey's never far

'Cause things are stirring, spinning, whirling, whizzing
Beating, darting, meeting, parting
Starting wherever you are


The Lionel Trains Show Shining Time Station - Start Where You Are02:35

The Lionel Trains Show Shining Time Station - Start Where You Are

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