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StationRipper - Record Internet Radio


StationRipper is a digital media recorder application developed by Ratajik Software for recording ("Ripping") on Microsoft Windows operating system. It can record to MP3 or Vorbis formats.

It can record Shoutcast streams, stations, and Podcasts. The free version can record two simultaneous streams. The paid-for versions can record up to 600 simultaneous streams.

Using information brought down in the various streams, it is able to split each song up by Band and Song name into a individual file. The resulting files have the correct ID3 and ID3v2.4 tags set, and are unhindered. It can also download the songs album art, saving to a separate file or embedded in the MP3

Integration into iTunes is built in - songs recorded can automatically be placed on a iTunes playlist, which in turn can be automatically synchronized to a iPod (iTunes radio stations can also be recorded). The software also supports integration with MediaMonkey, MSN Messenger, and Twitter

StationRipper is available in a freeware version as well as a paid version ("Silver" and "Gold" licenses). It uses the Microsoft Access format for its library. The software embeds Microsoft Internet Explorer]] in the main window. The user interacts with various web pages, and the software captures certain actions, tells the browser to ignore the action, and then acts on it itself (e.g., clicking a record button that is a URL to a station on a web page starts recording, instead of playing the stream in the browser).

Included feature summary

  • Ripping audio and video streams
  • Recording stations
  • Downloading podcasts
  • Synchronizing the recorded files to iTunes and MediaMonkey
  • Search for songs that have played, via
  • View songs that are currently playing via
  • Album art download
  • Commercials deleted (ignore files under a certain size)
  • Tracking of stations recorded and songs that have been recorded
  • Auto-skip of songs that have already been recorded
  • Tracking Naming with Band and Song name, along with ID3 and ID3v2.4 tags

As of version 2.80A, the software uses StationPortal as the page that comes up inside of the software. This page allows users to search for songs and bands, by station (against what has been played by each station in the past), and has pages that allow the user to view what is currently playing, both in a static page, a AJAX page, and Google Maps Mashup

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