Each character in Beyond the Veil has a Station. The most "powerful" individual sits at one and each additional individual having a progressively higher number for their Station. Thus, a higher station is actually a lower number. No two characters may have the same Station.

If a character wishes to rise in Station, they must challenge the individual holding that station. Such challenges come in a variety of forms, ranging from physical conflict to complex political maneuvers. The limitations to issuing a challenge are as follows;

  • A character may not engage the same individual twice in a row.
  • A character may not challenge the last individual to which they lost a challenge.

Station is primarily considered to determine who possesses many coveted Titles, and does not innately confer any particular respect or power. Characters with advanced Station sometimes have advanced Rank, both through the requirements to have gained and held the Station and because increased Station can provide access to greater Titles and thus Resources- though it is not given that a character of significant Station has been able to parlay that advantage into raw power.

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