• Fanboss (Aka Jack Jenkins) as Fanboy (Fanboss and Fanboy are both The Main Heroes)
  • FanNinja (Aka Max Gaylor) as Chum Chum (FanNinja and Chum Chum are both Best Friends To Fanboss and Fanboy)
  • Daisy-May Collett as Yo (Daisy-May Collett and Yo are both Cute and Happy-Go-Lucky, They both Wearing Pink)
  • Nicky Griggs as Kyle Bloodworth-Thomason (Nicky Griggs and Kyle Bloodworth-Thomason are both both Red Haired British Boys)
  • Rebecca Clarke (Aka Rebecca The Sorceress) as Sigmund The Sorcerer (Rebecca Clarke and Sigmund The Sorcerer are both Attractive and They are both Wearing Black Fingerless Gloves)
  • Mr. Bush as Mr. Hank Mufflin
  • Ian (FanNinja's Dad) as Oz
  • Georgie Allpress as Lupe (Georgie Allpress and Lupe are both Super Heroic Girls)
  • Jodie Williamson as Nancy Pancy
  • Tiffany O'Mera as Cher Leader
  • Benii Otunga as Michael Johnson
  • Marick Mills as Duke
  • Gemma Toseland as Francine
  • Mia Jenkins as Marsha
  • Rahil as FanKyleChum
  • Max Jenkins as Boog Shlizetti
  • Alex Clarke as Lenny Flynn-Boyle
  • Emperor Palpatine (from Star Wars) as Janitor Poopatine

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