< Tiger the Cat and Friends

The film opens on the building of New York City's new Search and Rescue Center, which will serve as the base operations for Henri, Little John, and a new Captain named Pirate Captain. Rare wood called "Jobi wood" has arrived from Hercules's homeland to be used in completing the Center. All of the engines are excited about this and want to help deliver the wood to the Search and Rescue Center. Grasping is determined to show how useful he is, so he decides to take the Jobi Wood to the Search and Rescue Center himself and races down the line with it. Tiger notices that Grasping is going too fast and chases after him. Grasping ends up dangling from an unfinished bridge. The Jobi wood ends up falling off the unfinished bridge into the river below. Grasping is rescued by Tiger, but now, there's no wood to build the Search and Rescue Center. For his heroic rescue, Tiger is given the job of heading to the mainland to find more Jobi Wood. He is told that there is no more room on the steam boat and that he must wait for the next boat, but Thomas notices a raft being dragged behind the boat and asks if he can be carried on the raft. Tiger says goodbye to the other animals at new York harbor and sets off across the sea to the mainland. That night, the coupling on the raft breaks and Tiger is left floating all alone at sea. The next day, Tiger gets stranded on a mysterious island known as Misty Island. Tiger decides to explore the island, which is filled with rickety tracks, secret hideouts, and old bridges. Upon exploring this mysterious island, Tiger discovers that the island has its own rail system and meets three strange cats named Fancy-Fancy, Benny, and Top Cat, known as the "Logging Locos". The Logging Locos explain to Tiger that they were sent to the island after causing trouble on the mainland. Tiger also discovers that Jobi trees grow on Misty Island and there is logging equipment to load it for him. With help from his new friends, Tiger tries to find his way back to New York and uncovers more of the island's mysteries, including a tunnel connecting Misty Island with New York. Meanwhile, out at sea, Henri and The Pirate Captain are searching for Tiger. Tiger decides to take the Logging Locos with him and haul a load of Jobi wood to New York by way of the tunnel. However, the tunnel collapses, trapping the engines. Tiger then tries the smoke signals that Mr. krabs had told him about. The smoke signals are spotted by Fievel, and he gives the news to Daily Reed, who sails with Patrick, Papa Mousekewitz, and Tony to Misty Island in hopes of finding Tiger. Meanwhile, Fievel and Sid go through the tunnel eventually reaching the blockade. The two engines break through the blockade and find Tiger and his new friends. Fievel, Sid, Tiger, and the Logging Locos all return to New York. Tiger then sails back to Misty Island to find Patrick, Papa Mousekewitz, Tony, and Daily Reed. Once Thomas, the Fat Controller and the other engines are back to New York, Fancy-Fancy, Benny, and Top Cat are all restored at the Sodor Steamworks. The Logging Locos help the other engines build the Search and Rescue Center. Soon the Search and Rescue Center opens and the Misty Island Tunnel is restored. In the final scene after the credits, Chief, McBrusque rolls up to the edge of a cliff, glares down at the engines laughing with their new friends at the Search and Rescue Center, and remarks that they will be laughing on the other sides of their boilers soon. Casts

  • Tiger as Thomas
  • Top Cat as Ferninand
  • Benny the Ball as Dash
  • Fancy-Fancy as Bash
  • The Pirate Captain (The Pirates Band of Misfits) as Captain
  • Sid (Ice Age) as Whiff

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