Steady Hercules is a TUGS parody of the Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends episode "Steady Eddie".


One morning, Captain Star says that a new water wheel is going to be on display at the waterworks up river. Hercules, Lillie Lightship, and Big Mac are exited, as it will be special. Captain Star puts Hercules in charge of delivering it, surprising both Lillie and Big Mac. Big Mickey loads the waterwheel onto Hercules' barge and he floats away with it.

Later, he sees Ten Cents, who is impressed, making Hercules happy. He knew if he took the main way nobody would see him, but he also knew that if he took the canal, other boats could se him. Hercules decided to take the canal. Edward felt happy as he went past all the boats that are usually in the canal.

Later, Hercules noticed that some stone was in a canal, but he decided to go anyways, because he knew there would be more boats that way. The rocks made the canal bumpy, and the edges of the wheel began to cut into the ropes, and Hercules was unaware of this. When he passed some schooners, he didn't notice a stop buoy and tried to stop, making the wheel cut deeper into the rope. Hercules realized he was running late, and decided to take a shortcut past the logging camp, as he would get there quicker, and other tugs would see him with his special. When he arrived at the logging camp, Billy Shoepack and Boomer passed him, and they thought his special was magnificent. As Hercules went on, the edges of the wheel had cut through the rope and flew onto a barge of scrap iron pulled by Big Mac to the breaker's yard. Hercules knew he had to beat Big Mac to the breaker's yard.

Hercules used every shortcut he knew to catch up with Big Mac. Nobody saw him or waved, but it didn't matter to Hercules, as he was more focused on saving his magnificent water wheel. When Big Mac arrived at the Breaker's yard, he was surprised to see Hercules there. The water wheel was tied back down to his barge and he floated away.

He then arrived up river, where the water wheel was put on display. Ten Cents and Hercules then thought it looked amazing. Hercules then knew that he didn't need anybody to tell him that his special was special.

Cast (in order of appearances)

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