Bastard Greyhawk Organization
Steelfire Band
Type Adventuring company
Founded Reaping 1, 595 CY
Members Adventurers
Leader Reinhart Silverfox
Symbol None
Headquarters Mobile
Allies Allustan, Teeth of Kord, Tenser
Enemies Disciples of Darkness, Dragotha, Ebon Triad, Horned Society, Kyuss, Zyrxog

The Steelfire band is an adventuring company formed Reaping 1, 595 CY on the outskirts of Diamond Lake by Cimmerii Acanthus, Finnigan Nodwick, Hailleck Beeblebrox, Reinhart Silverfox, Remus Winterbeard, and Romero.

Reinhart is nominally the party's leader, though his leadership style relies heavily on concensus.

The "Steelfire" name was conceived by Dan Bush.


The Steelfire band's primary goal is to prevent the Age of Worms.



Current members

Former members


The following individuals spents some time adventuring with the Steelfire Band, but were never considered true members of the group.

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