Hero Name: Steelshade
Legal Name: Mordechai Grossman
Age: 33
Birthplace: Tuba City, Arizona
Marital Status: Single
Rank: Patroller (See status)
Fighting Style: Scrapper
Weapon of Choice: Dark Energy
Origin of Powers: Magic
Code Name: @kokiDave
Special Accolades: None at present

The Grossman family had always been able to tap into beyond. Some were able to see the future. Others were able to ascertain the deepest desires of those around them. Before the age of heros, they learned to keep these gifts a secret; only to be used in times of dire need.

From birth, it was clear that Mordechai had the family's gift in abundance. His instinctual understanding of all things occult made growing up difficult; he learned quickly to adopt a calm demeanor with others whenever possible--a difficult feat considering his bookwormish tendencies often lead him to ridicule in school. To balance this, he began to study more physical arts: karate, jiu-jitsu, aikido. He was surprised to find that these martial arts blended almost perfectly with certain..energies that he could tap into.

Several years ago, Mordechai opted to move to Paragon City to study under the auspices of the MAGI. While there, he was stunned to discover the recklessness through which different street gangs employed the dark arts. The Hellions, the Skulls, the Circle of Thorn, the Warriors, the Carnival of Shadows... the list was endless, and Mordechai was offended that they should, to use his words, "dabble" in arts they little understood or appreciated. He shifted his studies to Urban Magics, and quickly became known within the MAGI as one of the better enforcers of Paragon City's Restrictions on Dark Magics statute. In fact, many commented that Mordechai's calm demeanor gained a significant and ruthless edge when dealing with these individuals. However, when pressed on this issue, he responds only with: "My actions pale in comparison to the wrath of the powers these novices choose to play with."

It is perhaps because of his aptitude for practical applicaitons of the dark arts that MAGI assigned him to the Dawn Patrol. Supposedly, he is a participant in the new mentoring program offered by the Dawn Patrol for MAGI apprentices; whether or not there are other reasons he was sent to the Dawn Patrol remains to be seen...

Hero Status: Currently a part of the Dawn Patrol/MAGI membership program.

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