Stefano Morbelli
Alaric 118
Biographical Information
Age About 800
Birthdate Unknow
Affiliation The Authority
Physical Description
Gender Male
Species Vampire
Team Heroes
Family Guglielmo Gemme (progeny)
Alaric complets
I know that you fear. I know what it means to be influenced by someone as powerful as "Alberto", but I'm here to tell you that if he only defeated by Lilith, the vampire god, then we, together, we can kill alberto and end his reign of terror. Join me and we can win, join me and you'll have hope.

Morbelli incites a crowd of vampires and fairies, getting their support.

Stefano Morbelli is one main character from Nikipedia. Stefano is the incarnation of vampire soul side of Niki Cassulo.


For events occurring before the casting of the Spell of the Soul, see Niki Cassulo.

Early history

Shortly after being "born" thanks to the spell of Gems, Niki in a fit of rage turned into a vampire and the sorcerer procese to meet "the other Niki" to examine the situation. During their discussion decided that henceforth it would be called Stephen Niki live in peace and let his human life concondardo that would be reviewed at least once a year.

Not much else is known about the early years of activities belonging to Stefano that at some point in his life meeting the vampire Simone Piccardo and became good friends with him so much that they began to travel together.

By 1665, Simone and Eric were living in London, England during an outbreak of the plague. While doing a favour for King Charles II, Eric came upon a young woman, Giulia Ravetti, who had become infected by the plague whilst caring for victims of the epidemic. Intrigued by Giulia's courage, Stefano brought her before Simone, who turned her.

When the Authority decided to start a project to integrate contacted Stephen because of his vast knowledge of the supernatural creatures . He acted as an ambassador of the vampires during the negotiations with the fairies and won the support of most of them . For services rendered to the Authority, Stefano was proposed that the title of chancellor that he accept.

As the Guardian

To be continue...

Reset of the Timeline

After that werewolves Edward kill anyone in their way , Stefano finally meets his enemy . As the curse cast by Guglielmo slowly restores the original timeline , Edoardo shows his nature megalomaniac telling Stefano his origins , telling how he will cease to exist , and how the new world the only victory will belong to Alberto . As the curse enters the room and begins to swallow in a dark veil , Edoardo shows his true face and begins to dissolve in an orange cloud .

After the death of Edoardo, Stefano is found unconscious by Guglielmo incapacia to withdraw the curse that gives Stefano a medallion that will allow him to survive the effect of magic. Before you can say anything to William , Stefano is enveloped in a black fog , incapacie to save his world Stefano Preara to land in the new world promising to kill Alberto.


Stefano is irreverent, intelligent, intimidating, cool under pressure and a very good liar. This incarnation of Niki was smug about his abilities and exhibited a renewed youthful enthusiasm for adventure. He had keen observational skills, an obsession with seeming trivia. Stefano could quickly turn frantically angry and ruthless when events demanded.

Despite the great degree of compassion he exhibited in his life, Stefano was still capable of acts of extreme brutality when properly motivated.

Unlike the original timeline, Stefano has not been a particular side of the psyche Niki, however, Stefano showed some behavior that might reflect those of Alberto, for example, his stubbornness and sadism in destroying their enemies. In addition, he and Albert were also used to smile when someone was trying to kill them.

Powers and abilities

The Departed

Stefano fight with Alberto.

Stefano has the common powers and weaknesses of a vampire. Stefano is over 700 years old but retains the appearance of a young middle-aged man. As a vampire, Stefano has an infinite lifespan. He does not physically age nor can he die from natural causes such as disease or old age. Like all vampires, Stefano possesses superhuman strength and, due to his advanced age, can easily beat Stefano humans, werewolves and vampires under his.

Stefano in a manner similar to Alberto M. Marchelli, possesses the ability to create illusions, however, unlike Alberto his illusions are much weaker and can be undone simply focusing.

As a maker he had the ability to call and command his progeny, Guglielmo. Stefano has also the ability to fly.

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