FANDOM is a website dedicated to providing the public with the most up-to-date information in scientific research, medical technology, news, facts and resources available on stem cells today. As more and more evidence points to the remarkable role stem cells play in the treatment of disease, the need to convey this valuable information is imperative.

Committed to educating visitors on a wide range of stem cell related topics, offers a clear and easy to understand explanation of what a stem cell is, the sources of stems cells, diseases treated with stem cells as well as the most recent clinical uses from some of the nation’s leading research and educational facilities.

Designed to foster a greater understanding of stem cells, strives to inform and showcase the latest discoveries and usages of stem cells as they relate to the treatment of a variety of debilitating and life-threatening diseases. Important resources, such as cord blood banking information, provide visitors with a broad range of insight regarding the collection and preservation of stem cells.

Factual information on cord blood banking is conveyed to visitors, with clear and concise explanations on how umbilical cord stem cells, collected from cord blood, are known to treat 70 diseases, including leukemia, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, sickle cell disease, severe anemias and severe combined immunodeficiency. Additionally, statistics including how stem cells have already been used in approximately 6,000 transplants worldwide are provided.

With headline making news stories on the advancement of stem cell research, as well as real life stories of individuals from around the world who have utilized stem cells for a particular medical treatment, brings to the forefront the groundbreaking and personal accounts of how stem cells are affecting lives.

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