Its about a young sexy sixteen year old who is a very good dancer named Andie West(Briana Evigan).


Step Up 2 The Streets is set in Baltimore. It follows Andie (Briana Evigan) as she pursues her dream of becoming a dancer. Her mother died of cancer when Andie was 16. Andie now lives with her mother's best friend but feels like she does not belong anywhere. While she is doing badly at school, it is her passion for dancing that brings something good into her life. She rehearses regularly with her 'crew', the 410, to keep the title of the illegal competition 'The Streets'. Andie's foster mother is tired of the crime and harassment by the 410 and tells Andie she will have to go to live with her aunt in Texas if she doesn't turn her life around.

Andie's friend and older brother figure Tyler Gage (Channing Tatum) persuades her to audition for the Maryland School of the Arts, where Andie receives a place. Andie meets Chase Collins (Robert Hoffman). Romantic sparks occur between these two dance students from different backgrounds. When Andie's studies come before the crew, the members are not happy and decide to drop her.So Andie and Chase form a new crew with help from many people Chase knows at the school. Director Collins, Chase's older brother, won't allow anyone from the school to be involved in these kinds of illegal competitions. But Chase has copied the key to the studio and the crew secretly practices their routine late at night when the school is empty. Missy joins the crew after dropping out of the 410 following Andie's removal. Missy tells the crew that the only way to enter the streets is to first do a prank and post it on the internet to show that the crew is entering the competition. Wanting revenge from being humiliated before, Chase decides for their prank they are going to make a fool out of Tuck, leader of the 410, and also left a dead fish in the vent of Tuck's home.

But the 410 don't like the fact that they had a new crew to compete with so they warn Andie's new crew to stay out of the Streets or there will be consequences. Eventually Chase and Andie fall in love with each other. When Tuck finds Chase, he assaults him because of his prank. Chase comes into school the next day badly bruised and hurt. On top of that the dance studio has been trashed by the 410 late at night. Director Collins decides to expel Andie from MSA because of her involvement with the 410. When Andie's foster mother hears the news she tells Andie that she had enough and that Andie now has to go to live with her aunt in Texas. It seems the crew and Andie's relationship with Chase has ended. When Andie is packing her bags to leave to Texas she receives a text message that the Streets is on that night, the same night as the MSA fund raising. The rest of the crew receive the message as well and Chase decides to make a stand for what he believes is right and leaves the fund raiser find Andie, with the rest of the crew following him.

When they find Andie, they go to the streets and win the competition. In the end Andie and Chase have their first long romantic kiss with each other and the 410 has been defeated after 5 long years.

Additionally, Director Collins, who has seen the competition, is now convinced that the street dancing he has been opposing is a legitimate form of artistic expression. He accepts Andie into the school again. With Andie's crew as a group of friends supporting her and her education now being secured, the film finds its optimistic ending.


DVD And Blu-Ray Release

The Movie Comes Out On DVD And Blu-Ray On July 15th. Both Versions Will Be a Dance-Off Edition.The movie was leaked on the internet.


Box Office


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