Stephanie Morgenstern

Stephanie Morgenstern is a Swiss-Canadian Voice actress.

She Voiced

  1. Mina Aino from Sailor Moon
  2. Susie Feeble from Marilyn
  3. Mona Bradford from Citrine and Mona
  4. Mel Szyslak from Hoop-a-Joop
  5. Claire Lyons from The Clique
  6. Linda Maltinie from Snowboard Kids: The Series
  7. Panini Kaye from Once Upon A Teenage Lifetime
  8. Brianna Maxwell from The Dork Diaries
  9. Helen Bridges from Friends Forever
  10. Jessica Starlight from Starlight
  11. Yin from Yin Yang Yo!
  12. Mitchie O'Hara from Accidentally Adventures
  13. Amelia Winterford from Livin' The Life With The Stereotypes
  14. Mailee Rogers from Rumor Has It
  15. Blythe Hille from Music Stars!
  16. Ashley Kirkwood from Jeff and Taylor
  17. Garnet Starr from Power Crystal Girls
  18. Lola Kane from The Adventures of Julie Kane

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