Narrator: One Day, Stephen was talking to William when Wendy came home from the Snow.

Wendy: Good Afternoon, Stephen!

Stephen: Good Afternoon, Wendy!

Wendy: Guess What? You're Going on a Winter Trip.

Stephen: Oh Boy! I Can't Wait

Narrator: Soon, Stephen put on his winter jacket, gloves and boots.

William: Good Luck!

Narrator: Stephen Loved the Winter. But He Founded Fun. But Just Then, He Saw Mark.

Mark: Stephen! There's Bad Weather All Over The Houses! It's Very Hard to see the roads and cars.

Stephen: Well, I Half to Go To Rayna's House!

Narrator: So Stephen Walked Away. Soon, He Went Upstairs to Rayna's House. Stephen Thinks he was walking through the bathroom. But he wasn't. He Was Walking Towards Rayna's House. Stephen Saw Rayna Upstairs. She Was Taking Her Bath.

Rayna (Taking Her Bath): The Ice has made the road ahead very slipperly. It Will Be Very hard to walk upstairs.

Narrator: Stephen was Surprised. he was upstairs. I Must go upstairs, thought Stephen.

Rayna (Taking Her Bath): I Need to Clear Snow from lots of Roads.

Narrator: Stephen was Upset.

Stephen: I need Rayna's Help! It could help alot to the front of the the road.

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