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Stephen's promotional picture

Stephen, nicknamed "The Rocket", is a steam engine and one of the two main tritagonists of King of the Railway (the other being James the Red Engine)


Stephen is one of the earliest engines ever built. Newer engines may be faster and stronger than Stephen, but what he lacks in terms of strength or speed, he makes up for with his positive spirit, sense of humour, and knowledge. His speed is around 27-28. He used to work at docks and in mines, but now works as a tour-guide at Ulfstead Castle. He has his own coaches and was trapped in the Ulfstead Mine where he discovered King Godred's long lost crown in time for the opening of the castle In Diesels Ducks and Demons He is cameo.


Stephen is based on the Stephenson's Rocket.


Stephen is painted yellow and black. He bears a nameplate reading "Rocket".


Major Appearances

Season 17
  • Calm Down Caitlin (c'ameo)
  • The Rocket Returns
  • The Lost Puff
  • The Phantom Express
  • Percy's Lucky Day
  • Too Many Fire Engines
  • Santa's Little Engine
  • The Afternoon Tea Express

Stephen will appear in the eighteenth season.

Voice Actor


  • Thomas Wooden Railway
  • Take N' Play
  • TrackMaster
  • Wind-up Trains
  • Mega Bloks (comming soon)


  • Stephen's Theme is the his Season 17 theme.

Counterparts (Hero Version)

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Counterparts (Villain Version)


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