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Have fun looking around the list of Stephen Druschke's films.

Now Playing

  1. Skippy (aka Dumbo)
  2. Fievel Hood
  3. How the Genie Stole Christmas
  4. Brisbyhontas
  5. Treasure Planet (Stephen Druschke's Animal Style)
  6. Piglet Pan
  7. The Year Without a Santa Claus (Stephen Druschke's Pet Style)
  8. Animal Story (Stephen Druschke's version)


  1. The Many Adventures of Nutty the Squirrel
  2. Animal Story (Stephen Druschke's version)
  3. Piglet Pan
  4. Mrs. Brisby in Wonderland
  5. The Pebble and the Fox
  6. Skippy (aka Dumbo)
  7. Maid Marianrella
  8. The AristoDogs (Stephen Druschke's version)
  9. The Secret of NIMH (Stephen Druschke's Style)
  10. Hello kitty and the Seven Dwarfs
  11. The Wizard of Oz (Stephen Druschke's Style)
  12. Star Wars (Stephen Druschke's Style)
  13. A Mouse's Life (Stephen Druschke's Version)
  14. Animal Story 2 (Stephen Druschke's version)
  15. Animal Story 3 (Stephen Druschke's version)
  16. Animal Run (Stephen Druschke's version)

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