Stephen Hatt/Donald are parodies with Stephen Hatt the Grandson and Friends clips and Donald the Scottish Engine and Friends audio.


  • Stephen Hatt as Donald
  • Sir Topham Hatt as Duck
  • Mr. Bubbles as Oliver
  • Jeremiah Jobbling as BoCo
  • Jem Cole as Dennis
  • Dan (from Shining Time Station) as Douglas
  • Old Bailey as Ferdinand
  • Patch (from Shining Time Station) as Edward
  • Culdee (from RWS) as Thomas
  • Wilfred (from RWS) as Percy
  • Cyril the Fogman as Henry
  • The Angry Policeman as Patrick
  • Norman as Mighty
  • Dennis as Mac
  • Mr. Percival as Gordon
  • The Stationmaster's Wife as Isobella
  • Nancy as Flora
  • The Vicar of Wellsowrth as Jack
  • Bridget Hatt as Pip (from RWS)
  • Toad as Terence (Toad and Terence both start with T)
  • Farmer McColl as Rusty
  • Arthur as Neville
  • Max as Max
  • Monty as Monty
  • Farmer Trotter as Trevor (Farmer Trotter and TRevor both end with r)
  • Puffa (from TUGS) as Arthur
  • The Goods Engine (from TUGS) as Billy
  • George (from Theodore Tugboat) as Derek
  • The Coast Guard (from TUGS) as Charlie
  • Sea Rouge's Uncle (from TUGS) as Salty
  • Sea Rouge (from TUGS) as Sixteen (from RWS) (Sea Rouge and Sixteen both start with S)
  • O.J (from TUGS) as Freddie
  • Burke (from TUGS) as Bill (Burke and bIll both start with B)
  • Bliar (from TUGS) as Ben (Bliar and ben both start with B)
  • Harvey as Skarloey (Harvey and Skarloey are both Red)
  • Allice as Molly
  • P T Boomer (from Thomas and The Magic Railroad) as D261
  • Spamcam (from RWS) as Lorry 1
  • Old Stuck-Up (from RWS) as Lorry 2
  • Edward as The Duke of Boxford
  • Molly as The Duchess of Boxford
  • Thomas as Stephen Hatt
  • Emily as Bridget Hatt
  • Kevin as Bertie
  • Butch as Fergus
  • Bertie as Ned
  • City of Truro as Sir Handel
  • The Chinese Dragon as Spencer
  • The Refreshment Lady as Caroline
  • Boulder as Smudger (Boulder and Smudger both end with r)
  • Lord Callan as Bertram
  • The Stationmaster as Bulgy
  • Mrs. Kindley as Elizabeth
  • Jack the Grappler (from TUGS) as Norman
  • Tiger Moth as Hector
  • BoCo as The Vicar of Wellsowth
  • Hank as Byron
  • Lily (from Thomas and The Magic Railroad) as Emma (from RWS)
  • Nantucket (from TUGS) as George
  • Fred Pelhay (from RWS) as Spamcam (from RWS)
  • Stafford as Buster
  • Lady Hatt as Lady (Lady Hatt and Lady both share the same name)
  • Winston as Flynn (Winston and Flynn are both red)

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