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Stepney & Sixteen, Renamed Sixteen Goes Overboard In American Releases Is A Season 15 Episode.


  • Director: Steve Asquith
  • Narrators: Michael Brandon (US TV Redub)
                   Michael Angelis (UK/US)

                    Joseph J. Terry (US)

Featured Characters

  • Thomas
  • James (Cameo)
  • Duck
  • Wilbert
  • Stepney
  • Sixteen
  • Sir Handel
  • Duncan
  • Diesel 12
  • Rusty (Does Not Speak)
  • Sir Topham Hatt


Stepney Is A Bluebell Engine. He Meets Sixteen, A Rude Saddletank Engine.


  • Sixteen's Eyes Are Purple When He Says "Two Months?! You Can't Be Serious!".
  • Stepney Has Daisy's Season 2 Horn Sound.


  • Narrator: Stepney Was A Bluebell Engine, Who Worked At His Line With His Friend, Rusty. He Was A Really Useful Engine On The Island Of Sodor. One Day, He Was At The Transfer Yards With Thomas, Duck, Sir Handel & Wilbert. He Decided To Tell A Story.
  • Stepney: The Story I Love To Tell Is Called "The Bluebell Railway". (Narrating) It All Started For A Long Time Ago. I Found A Scrap Diesel, Who Tried To Sold Me For Scrap, But I Ran Away & Broke Down At The Other Railway. Then, A Few Years Later, Rusty Saved Me From Scrap.
  • Narrator: At Last, His Story Ended. Soon, A Rude Saddletank Engine With A Reddish-Brown Coat Of Paint Puffed Into The Transfer Yards. He Was Named Sixteen, & Was Rude.
  • Stepney: Hello, My Name's Stepney. Who's Yours.
  • Sixteen: I'm Sixteen. I Don't Like Goods Trains.
  • Narrator: Meanwhile, Duncan Was Puffing Along The Line When A Three-Clawed Diesel Named Diesel 12 Arrived.
  • Diesel 12: Hello, My Name's Diesel 12. I'm The Biggest Diesel You've Ever Seen!
  • Duncan: Oh No! It's Diesel 12!
  • Diesel 12: Yes, It Is Me. And I'm Going To Destroy You!
  • Duncan: Oh, God!
  • Narrator: And He Ran Away As Fast As He Could, With Diesel 12 Chasing Him. Soon, The Engines Heard Duncan Screaming For Help.
  • Thomas: We Must Help Duncan!
  • Duck: We Must Stop Diesel 12.
  • Wilbert: Diesel 12's Mean.
  • SIr Handel: He's Got Three Claws.
  • Duck: He's Got A Blasted-Horn.
  • Thomas: Yeah! Come On, My Friends.
  • Narrator: And Thomas, Duck, Sir Handel & Wilbert Went After Diesel 12. Later, The Fat Controller Came To Stepney & Sixteen.
  • The Fat Controller: Stepney, Sixteen, You Have To Double-Head The Mountain Road.
  • Stepney: Yes, Sir!
  • Narrator: But Sixteen Was More Rude To Stepney.
  • Sixteen: I Don't Want To Double-Head The Mountian Road With You!
  • Stepney: I Love Offering Some Help & Advice! We Have To Double-Head The Mountain Road.
  • Narrator: And Soon, Stepney & Sixteen Went On The Mountain Road. Stepney Started Offer Some Help & Advice.
  • Stepney: Look At The Track. Look At The Track.
  • Narrator: Sixteen Was Even More Cross & Rude.
  • Sixteen: Fuss-Pot! Fuss-Pot!
  • Narrator: Presently, They Reached The Tunnel. It Was Short & Curve. So Sixteen's Driver Coudn't See Through It. Sixteen Was Heading For Trouble.
  • Stepney: Look At The Track! Look At The Track!
  • Narrator: They Soon Came Out Of The Tunnel. One Moment, All Seem Safe. Then, Suddenly, Sixteen Came Off The Tracks, Crumbled Over The Sleep & Dangled Dangerously On The Edge Of The Cliff. Luckly, Stepney Tried To Pull Sixteen Back On The Rails.
  • Sixteen: Oh, Help Me!
  • Narrator: Stepney's Driver Went For Help. The Fat Controller Was Having Lunch When He Heard The Telephone Rang.
  • The Fat Controller: Sixteen Has Dangled On The Edge Of The Mountain. I'll Send Duck!
  • Narrator: Then. He Saw Duck At Tidmouth Sheds.
  • The Fat Controller: Duck, Sixteen's Had An Nasty Accident With A Mountain. You Have To Help Stepney Pull Him Back Onto The Rails.
  • Duck: Oh Yes, Sir! Thank You, Sir! I'll Help Stepney Pull Sixteen Back On The Line.
  • Narrator: And Duck Puffed Away To Help Stepney Pull Sixteen Back On The Rails. Soon, Duck Arrived & Saw The Accident.
  • Duck: Don't Worry, Sixteen. Me & Stepney Will Help You Back On The Rails.
  • Narrator: Soon, Duck & Stepney Hauled Sixteen Back On The Tracks. Soon, Sixteen Was Feeling More Careful, But Felt Very Sad.
  • Sixteen: What Will The Fat Controller Say?
  • Narrator: Duck & Stepney Laughed At Him As The Three Engines Puffed Into The Station.
  • Thomas: It's The End Of You Now, Diesel 12.
  • Duck: You'll Be Scrapped!
  • Narrator: And the four engines pushed Diesel 12 and he was heading for the melting pit.
  • Diesel 12: No! Get me out of here!
  • Thomas: No, nobody can't!
  • Duck: It's going to be the end of you!
  • Diesel 10: (sees the melting pit down below, gasps) No! Not the melting pit! Oh, this is gonna burn -- NOOOOOO!!
  • Narrator: Diesel 12 fell into the melting pit and landed with a crash.
  • Diesel 12: I'll get them for this! I'll be back to destroy-- (chokes)
  • Narrator: Diesel 12 choked and the remains of his claw was burned up.
  • Thomas: Yay!
  • Duck: We've stopped Diesel 12.
  • Sir Handel: Yeah!
  • Wilbert: He's now scrapped.
  • Narrator: Duncan Was Free.
  • Duncan: Thank You.
  • Narrator: Soon, Duck, Stepney & Sixteen Puffed To The Station. Sixteen Still Wondered What The Fat Controller Will Say. The Fat Controller Was Feeling Cross With Sixteen.
  • The Fat Controller: Sixteen! You Are Supposed To Double-Head The Mountain Road With Stepney, But You Had Being Rude To Stepney! As Punishment, I'll Keep You In The Shed For The Next Two Months!
  • Sixteen: Two Months?! You Can't Be Serious!
  • The Fat Controller: Yes, I Am!
  • Narrator: Sixteen Felt Very Sad.
  • Duck: We Hope You Learned Your Lesson!
  • Stepney: You're In Trouble Now!
  • Narrator: Sixteen Felt Foolish & Silly. I Hope He Learned His Lesson. Don't You?

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