Stepney returns to Sodor with the bluebell railway engines.


Captain Baxter


The foreign engines (does not speak)

The Bluebell controller

Bluebell and Primrose (does not speak)

Cromford (does not speak)

Fergus (cameo)

Sir Topham Hatt

Arthur (does not speak)


Percy (cameo)


James (cameo)

Narrator: On the Bluebell railway, Stepney was taking his last train at Horested Keynes, then he met Captain Baxter and Adams.

Adams: Do you know what I think? I think somthing's up.

Captain Baxter: Me too, Adams.

Stepney: Look, look!

Narrator: 8 engines from the other railway rolled along the line.

Stepney: What's going on?

stepney's driver: The Bluebell controller has a plan, come on.

Narrator: Stepney, Captian Baxter and adams followed the engines to the sheds. They found the foreign engines at the sheds.

The bluebell controller: Sir Topham hatt wants us to come to Sodor. So I borrowed these engines from the other railway.

Narrator: the engines cheered and whistled. The Bluebell controller held his ears.

The Bluebell controller: Silence!

Narrator: The next day, they were ready to go. The bluebell controller went into his carridge. They set off to Sodor. On the Other railway, Stepney who was in front saw something strange.

Stepney: (whistles) stop, stop.

Narrator: They applied their brakes and they stopped just in time. The track on the bridge is broken than the one on the other side. The inspector looked at the track.

Inspector: The bridge is worned out. It will be safe to use the other track.

Narrator: The engines reversed back to the junction and Stepney carefully pasted the derailment and the bluebell engines went to Sodor. Thomas and Percy were at the big station.

Thomas: Look there they are.

Narrator: The long cabilcade rolled into the station. They had nameboards in front of their footplates. Emily wanted to talk to Adams.

Emily: May I talk to you.?

Adams: Of course.

Emily: How did you stroll away lovely?

Narrator: He told her about his designer and has good wheels.

narrator: The next day, it was time to go home. Captain baxter felt sad and stepney knew how he felt so he let him go first and the went home, back to the Bluebell Railway. this was the first time the entire bluebell railway came to Sodor.


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