Sterling Horace: Paralyzed Professor, known as Sterling Horace in North American releases, is a Japanese-American animated television based on the life of paralyzed genius "Stephen Hawking". Hawking even voices the main character itself with a voice recording of the text-to-speech programming. The series aired in 2008 and ended in 2010 but gain back to production at 2011.

The series got picked up for a second season, animated with Toon Boom Animation, featuring major changes, including the new voice for Sterling. Due to production troubles, complaints from the disabled, Justin Chon's new role in Wolfman and the death of paralyzed cartoonist John Callahan, the series ended in May 6, 2012 with the last new episode titled as a lost episode in which Horace becomes unparalyzed.


  • Sterling Horace: Voice of Stephen Hawking and Kwesai Boyake (second season) and Logan Grove (series finale; real voice). He is a disabled paraplegic 13-year old boy who was paralyzed due to a car accident (not revealed in the English dub for Nickelodeon). He communicates via a text-to-speech keyboard installed in his wheelchair. He wears glasses due to being nearsighted and has a crush on a girl named Tabby. He is very smart but wishes to be a cartoonist as well but due to his paralyzing, can only draw sloppy messed up cartoons. In the second season, his disability went low (due to Stephen Hawking foucisng on his works) gaining the ability to speak again and to have full notion on his head. In the series finale, his voice becomes more fully developed and he's not disabled anymore.
  • Chang: Sterling's Asian-American best friend who is a great skate boarder. He wishes to be a carpenter when he grows up and he is highly intellegent. He wishes to also become president when he's 42. His father is the CEO of the company that manufactured Sterling's wheelchair. Chang appeared less often due to his actor Justin Chon signing a role for Cartoon Network's Wolfman.
  • Christopher: Sterling's overweighted Irish-American friend. Due to his huge stature, he wishes to become a professional wrestler when he grows up. He loves eating; especially hamburgers. He sometimes bullies Chang for amusements and serves as Sterling's right hand man but he is good-hearted.
  • Tabby: One of the most popular girls in school who Sterling has a crush on which she does not feel the same way.
  • Serenity Horace: Voice of Miley Cyrus. The teenage sister of Sterling Horace. She doesn't act her age and she always says that since she is 16, she thinks she's a grown-up. She is also a terrible cook and hid Sterling's home computer to torture him. She speaks with a Western drawl.
  • Petey: Voice of child actor, David Cleveland. Sterling's 10-year old brother. He is sometimes envious of Sterling since he gets all of the attention due to his disability but Sterling informs him that he should be lucky for his walking ability. His real name is Peter Applecough Horace but prefers the name Pete or Petey better.
  • Butchy-Roy: Voice of Terry Klassen. The school bully who hangs with his gang to pick on children. Butchy has to use mental bullying in order to torture Stanley since he cannot hurt him physically due to his disability. He sometimes feels bad about Sterling's suffering since he is unable to talk with his own voice or eat but at the second season, he starts to feel warm on Sterling.
  • Julia: Voice of Kelsey Chow. The 17-year old editor of the newspaper of Sterling's school who was once a detective. Julia has a crush on Sterling.
  • Wyy Nyte: Voice of Ryan Ochoa. 11-years old, he is Petey's rival who competes in the Cuteness Award.

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