"Steve's Double Dare" is a film from Mattel Entertainment & Fisher-Price. It was released on DVD on May 5, 2011, & then, shown on Donut in May 28, 2011.


Fred the Pickup Truck meets Steve's parents: Zoomer & Hauler. He tells them that crane they made looked great.

Zoomer finds Steve, Boomer, Biggity, Tigs & Ziggs running around. He & his wife race away. This gives Steve a idea, which is to meet a race car at the diner. But, he finds a race car in front of him. He & his friends don't know who he is, so they look around.

Steve imagines himself in a game called "Who's That Truck?". He finds out that he is a race truck, but he is out. His friends look for the car, in which it switches to a upside up car to a upside down car. They still look again. They find him quickly.

The car announces he is Josh. He then turns to see upside down, which surprises the trucks. When Josh is on one side, he can duck, dodge & race. When he is on another, he can look upside down.

Steve goes to a race course to see Josh, but when Biggity, & all his friends are amazed, he is not pleased.

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