These are a list of shorts that were made during the Steve Coleman Show.

Hinata of the Felines

Originally a comic show titled Hinata of the Canines but later changed Hinata to a cat. The pilot episode aired along with many interesting animated shorts of the show. Hinata was raised by cats and learns and struggles in the ways of human beings. Hinata of the Felines is on hiatus. It has became one of the most popular American-Japanese animated cartoons.


The cartoon was based on "Mr. Bean". The show was created by Rowan Atkinson (played Mr. Bean) which he also voiced the character. Cappy is a typical teenage boy who speaks in reverse and writes like Leonardo de Vinci. Cappy is usually seen with Hinata of the Felines.

Weird Ky Egg

This cartoon is created by, had vocalizations by and was based on Weird Al Yankovic. The title character is a cartoon caricature of Weird Al himself. Weird Ky does alot of crazy stuff and cannot speak. Weird Ky was made into a show of it's own but is on hiatus.

Hi Hi Yugioh Yami Yugi

The show was made after a YouTube user made a flash animated parody of Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi opening sequence with Yu-Gi-OH! The show features Yugi as Ami and Atem as Yumi. The show featured live segments of a fan named Yugi Wai. The show cancelled in 2009. But, the christmas special aired in July.

Ned the Great

A series of shorts featuring the voice of Chris Rock as Ned, a dorky boy who suffers from the life in the neighborhood. The series of shorts was not made into a full-fledged animated show but was made into a movie that had similarities to Bebe's Kids and Despicible Me. Will Smith voiced Ned in the movie.

Teni-Puri Family

An anime chibi series that aired in Japan but was revived in the United States. This show was Americanized to be a parody of the Simpsons. Dan Castenella voiced Inui and Kunimitsu, Nancy Cartwright voiced Ryoma and Kaido, Yeardley Smith voiced Momoshiro, Julie Kavner voiced Fuji and Oishi, and Hank Azaria voiced Takashi. Dan's characters were parodied for Homer and Abraham, Nancy's characters were parodied for Bart and Maggie, Yeardley Smith's character was parodied for Lisa, Julie's characters were parodied for Marge and Hank Azaria's character parodied for Apu and Moe.

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