Steve Oscar was a member of Oasis Care who worked along side his two other workers Frank Lawson and Louie Barton


He was sent to capture a girl named Becky Miles who had escaped Oasis Care. He and the rest of the group along with there boss Steven Hills did there job after they failed earlier on a raid at a house where she was living. Later on that year he was sent to take down Emma Davison and kill her but he failed when she took him down in the fight.


Steve Oscar was called to help Frank Lawson and Louie Barton get there own back on the Rivers by kidnapping there follower called Emily Matters when this went on he was hurt went the River beat them and he saw the love between Emily Matters and Maria Hart he then wanted to change his life around and started work as a bouncer. Soon he found himself with one of the Rivers called Laura Love.


Steve Oscar got married to Laura Love and started to have his own family. He and Laura Love were never heard of again.

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