SuperMalechi (talk) 10:10, October 31, 2014 (UTC)

This is a fanmade paint episode.


  • SuperMalechi: OMG! That Steve Urkel made a real not fake 1989 VHS opening to Who Shot Mr. Burns 1995 VHS made by Warner Home Video! The Simpsons is not made by Warner Bros! It's made by FOX! That is it! I am calling his dad now! (calls Steve Urkels dad) Hey Steve Urkel's dad! Did you know what your son did?
  • Steve Urkel's Dad: What did he do?
  • SuperMalechi: He just made a real not fake 1989 VHS opening to Who Shot Mr. Burns 1995 VHS made by Warner Home Video! The Simpsons never had a Warner Bros logo! It had a FOX logo! Can you please deal with him?
  • Steve Urkel's Dad: Sure!
  • SuperMalechi: I am bringing Barney, BarneyandPeterFan, Wonder Pets, Spongebob, Woody, Buzz, Lightning McQueen, Rob Toliver, Connor Folkersma, Hercules, Aladdin, Mario, and Sonic over here!
  • (at Steve Urkel's house)
  • Steve Urkel's Dad: Steve Urkel, how dare you make a real not fake Warner Home Video vhs opening to Who Shot Mr Burns?! The Simpsons was never made by Warner Bros! That's it, you are grounded for life! I'm closing your YouTube and Go!Animate accounts!
  • Steve Urkel: No (18x) I will behave no (18x)!
  • Steve Urkel's Dad: There I closed your accounts! Now I will give you 11 hits! (does so)
  • Steve Urkel: Ow! It hurts!
  • Steve Urkel's Dad: Look! Here Malechi and his friends are!
  • SuperMalechi: This is me, Malechi Perez known as SuperMalechi, I've heard that you made real not fake vhs openings!
  • Barney: I'm Barney! You've been a bad boy in YouTube since you forced me and my loveable friends to do real not fake stuff!
  • BarneyandPeterFan: I'm BatneyandPeterFan! I can't stand your nonsense comments on YouTube! You will get 1000 more hits of punishment!
  • Linny: I'm Linny! You are grounded (x19) for double life!
  • Tuck: I'm Tuck! You will wear that horrible Warren's clothes for 10 million years!
  • (SuperMalechi transforms Steve Urkel's clothes into Warren's clothes)
  • Ming-Ming: I'm Ming-Ming! You will not go to your friends house cause you're sewiously grounded!
  • SpongeBob: I'm Spongebob! You will only watch non Warner Bros shows and movies Malechi likes like Barney and Friends, The Simpsons, Futurama, Hercules, Aladdin, Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, The Wonder Pets and more!
  • Woody: I'm Sheriff Woody! You will watch Malechi's worst shows like Dora, Super Why, Dinosaur Train and more not from Warner Bros!
  • Buzz: I'm Buzz Lightyear, I come in peace! You will forget about going to Caillou's birthday party cause you're grounded!
  • Lightning McQueen: I'm Lightning McQueen, you will not go to Warner Bros Studios ever again!
  • Rob Toliver: I'm Rob Toliver! You are one of the worst persons ever!
  • Connor Folkersma: I'm Connor Folkersma! You are not going to Chuck E. Cheese ever again!
  • Hercules: I'm Hercules! You will pay attention to me for 10 million years!
  • Aladdin: I'm Aladdin: You need to listen to me for ever!

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