Steven Hills is a worker for the group known as Oasis Care he was the leader of the group in 2002 when Becky Miles had worked out what was going on with there base. He was in charge of finding her and bringing her back to the base.


Steven Hills and his men who were Frank Lawson, Steve Oscar and Louie Barton were all in charge of finding where Becky Miles was they manage to recapture her and found out she was being protected by the group known as the Rivers when this was found they wanted to catch the First River who was in his Scott Curtis form. They soon were beaten by the Rivers when they came for Becky Miles. As a last try to stop them Steven Hills was sent to stop Scott at all cost. However he failed when Scott Curtis faced off with him that year. Also Steven Hills had gotten some of Barry Charles power and was going to use this to help him. He kept quiet for a year before wanting his payback a year later.


Steven Hills came back to finish off what he had started with Scott Curtis and Becky Miles. He was winning however the fight was joined in by Barry Charles who wanted to test Steven Hills out in fighting to see if he could beat him. This ended with Steven Hills being taken down by Becky Miles. Because of his weakness from the fight with Barry Charles.


Steven Hills had Scott Curtis and Steph Colledge ask him why he was sending emails to them he was unaware of this. Later on that year it was found out to have been a man named Nick Green he looked into this and soon found out that he was getting this infomation about him from Emma Davison. He also found by researching it he was starting to like Steph Colledge and he was now wanting to be her lover.


Steven Hills found himself caught in a game when this Nick Green man tried to use him and blame a crime on him. Steven Hills looked more into this and found out that he was also part of a kidnapping plot on Becky Miles. He also found out that Steph Colledge was to do with the same thing. This was the time he might be able to get with her now he wasnt working with Oasis Care he took this more to hand. His only way of finding out more about all this was to find where Becky Miles was living. He went to a place where he known the infomation would be held. But was caught stealing files by one of the Rivers.

A man called Jamie Jackson who was the Third River had also been sent by Scott Curtis to gain that file. A fight broke out and Steven Hills lost the battle but did manage to trick Jamie Jackson into thinking he had the right file. He then found where Nick Green might be hiding Becky Miles. The next evening he went to the base of Nick Green and found Steph Colledge who didnt take to his way of being with her. A fight broke out with Steven Hills and Steph Colledge which was then broken up when Barry Charles crashed it and took on Steven Hills the fight was broken up when a even big threat of one of Oasis Care clones came to join the show. It was the Micheal Jackson Clone because of this everyone had to work together this got the likes of Steven Hills, Nick Green, Barry Charles, The Police The Miles Sisters, The Rivers and Hele Crew all to work as a group before he did some really nasty damage to Devon.

He was able to use his mind to unlock the codes on the doors with the help of Steph Colledge he then ran to escape everything that went on. He has not been heard from then on.

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