INFO: Stevenson is located within the Evergreen Mountains in Evergreen County. The city is the gateway to the Evergreen Forest Territorial Park which has trails and waterfalls. Lots of campgrounds and recreation.

Stevenson is located just west of Stevenson Pass and east of Evergreen Pass. To the north is Stevenson Inlet and Rainier City. To the south is the Evergreen Mountain and Evergreen Forest Territorial Park. It is within 2 hours to Morenoville and within 3 hours to Shelter Bay.

TRANSPORTATION: Stevenson has a ferry service that is served by Evergreen Transit that goes to Shelter Bay and Rainier City. Also the Port of Stevenson is an emerging port area which strongly caters to fishing industries and exporting goods.

The city has also the local Stevenson Memorial Airport, which has regular local flights to Shelter Bay and Builtmore.

Evergreen Transit has also laid railroad lines in and around the town with stunning views. Rail service goes to Shelter Bay and Evergreen daily multiple times, as well as Builtmore and Morenoville. Service has begun to Rainier City.

HISTORY: The town was formed as a small pit stop along the Evergreen Mountains for drivers. It originally consisted of a gas station, a few stores, and a fire department. As time progressed, the city's services expanded as well as the port, which really was a key work force for the town. The town now caters to hotels as well for people exploring the Evergreen Mountains and other major parks in the area.

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