buzz lighter stewie griffin (family guy)

Mira nova drew Saturday (the secerct saturdays)

Booster chuck (pokemon)

XR Marvin the Martian

Zurg Mephlis (sonic the hedgehog 2006)

Warp darkmatter waluigi (Mario)

Commander kaz (hi hi puffy amiyumi)

Crater vipers turkeys (south park)

Grubs morty crasher wake Clair (pokemon)

Brain pods Elmer fudd (looney tunes)

Horents brushorgon warriors (teen titans trouble in tokyo)

Red alien lizard daffy duck (looney tunes)

People running for alive running people (jumanji)

Space people kidnapped robots (wario and waluigi and muttley)

Weezzy meta knight (Kirby right back at ya)

Woody robin (teen titans)

Rex big bird (sesame street)

Sarge viper (pokemon)

Sarge's soilders team rocket (pokemon)

Hamm Peter griffin (family guy)

Space ranger 1 bugs bunny (looney tunes)

Space ranger 2 koga (pokemon)

Space ranger escargon (Kirby right back at ya)

Riono people as themselves

Fish people as themselves

Chapters video

2.Rescue mission


4.a new partner

5.Meet chuck

6.A very evil place

7.Reporting of duty

8.Battle for uni mind

9.mephlis's shadow ball

10.Space ranger business

11.Chuck and


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