Stick Around is a American live-action/CGI/Japanese animated television series created by Dan Schneider (known for Drake & Josh, Zoey 101 and iCarly) and Glen Murakami (known for Teen Titans). The series is based on the previous Canadian series "Stickin' Around" featuring the same theme. The series is about two kids named Stacey and Bradley who have misadventures along with their vivid imaginations. This is the third series featuring both G. Hannelius and Leo Howard. The others are "Leo Little's Big Show" and "China Smith".

The series used computer graphics of Boiler Paint convincing the viewers that kids are creating their own animated series. The live-action sequences were filmed in Nickelodeon Studios and were later shipped in Japan by Murakami to create the animation sequences.

The animations feature many Japanese anime-style elements which is currently now known as Americanime. The live-action sequences show the basic plot while the animations show the casts imaginations and minds.

In July 12, 2011, the series was renewed for another season. The season aired in August 1, 2011 with huge differences from the production of the series in the first season:

  • The live-action sequences were dropped in the second season due to the fact that Leo Howard is starring on "Kickin' It". The sequences are later replaced with computer-animated sequences with cel-shaded scemes making the production 2D animation and 3D animation instead of a live-action/animated show. The original production was later used duing the last thirteen episodes of the final season and series.
  • The second season will take place two years after the adventures in the first season featuring notable changes.
  • Mr. Doodler will not appear in the second season since David Kelly left the show (he died shortly after it's release) so the creators decided to kill off the character in the second season's premiere stating that he died from cancer.
  • New characters will appear in the series such as Roy, a hipster with attitude who is crashing with the Stickers until he gets back on his feet, Flavio, a fictionalized Italian goat working in a pizzaria and By Ling Kwal, a Mexican-Chinese-French American with three heads sporting each race.
  • Bradley wears transperantal sunglasses instead of purple eyeglasses and sports a small goatee beard since he's becoming older and his hat has a text saying "Aliens".
  • Polly is always seen with a rattle now in the production and Lance seems to bond with Polly more than he did in the first season.
  • The series features more 3D effects which were not used in the first season.

The series ended in October 8, 2011 with the episode "Career Day". The ex-series finale featured the first time Bradley is seen without his glasses nor his hat, revealing his blond hair. Also, the last scene of the finale featured a live-action sequence of the production team, including the return of David Kelly (Mr. Doodley).

As reruns have officially stopped, now only the Halloween and Christmas specials can air in Cartoon Network until 2012 where reruns are giving back.

The series went back to production in January 6, 2012 due to popular demand. The production was changed; the whole series is animated with 2D animation (imaginary and real-life) and Leo Howard left the series to continue on Kickin' It, being replaced by Moises Arias. Although in the final season, with only six episodes produced, the show was both live-action and animated in Nickelodeon Studios in Burbank, California due to low budget costs on the writers.

The show was originally suppose to have a crossover with Student Bodies but was later dropped due to low ratings.

It was announced in G Hannelius' Twitter account on September 2012 that after a long wile hiatus from it's latest showing in February 5, 2012, it was announced that the series was canceled because of low ratings, budget cuts, G. Hannelius' production with Dog with a Blog and that Leo Howard could not voice Bradley. The real last episode "Flounding Fathers" was determined as the final episode, although it was just a regular episode.

Creator Glen Murakami has stated that although Stick Around will not be revived, a spin-off is in the works with co-production with DreamWorks Animation to create a series based on the bullies Lance and Russell. The series' is now called "Cowboy Knights" is stating to premiere in May 28, 2013.

In January 6, 2017, Stick Around was still not revived due to low ratings, but however, it was rebooted as an animated series called "Stick Around: The Return" by PC Comics after cancelling two Cuddles & Catbug TV movies, they also had the same theme as Stick Around did but the main characters live by themselves in an big apartment with some new characters as well. The series was doing okay in ratings and their beating Cuddles & Catbug's ratings, which most people claimed to be one of the worst animated series since Breadwinners and Teen Titans Go.


  • Stacey Stickler: A witty 9-year old girl who is the voice of reason in the gang. She sometimes goes along with Bradley's ideas but always sets him strait. She is also a Straight A student except one time getting a failed report card in an episode. Her nickname by Bradley is "Stace". She is known for her mean catchphrases "Real mature, Bradley!", "For your big fat information...", "Don't say it, Bradley!" and "I'm so sure". She is portrayed and voiced by G. Hannelius.
  • Bradley Stime: A silly, immature 10-year old boy who has his heads in the clouds. Despite being one year older than Stacey, he is touchy. He always gets the worse grades. It is hinted that he has a crush on Stacey. In the first five episodes, Leo Howard did not wear any glasses which was a production error for the animated Bradley. This was later changed so that he can stick with the character's personality and details. He belives in aliens. His nickname for Stacey is "The B-Man". He is known for his catchphrases "Aliens from... Uranus" and "No duh!". He is portrayed and voiced by Leo Howard until the series' 2012 revival being voiced by Moises Arias.
  • Patricia "Polly" Avaganza: A young, genius little girl who is very smart for her age. She is friends with Stacy and Melody. She is always dragging the corpse of her dead dog, Pepperoni around with her, which she doesn't seem to be aware is dead. In one episode, Bradley suggests they find a "cure" for "whatever Pepperoni died of," causing Polly to cry until Bradley says he isn't dead, suggesting she's in denial. She is also Lance's half sister. Polly gets angry easily when she is ignored due to her young age which makes her angry. Most of her common phrases are "Come on, Pepperoni" and "Just because I'm little?!". She is voiced by Tara Strong in the animations but played by Brighton Sharbino.
  • Lance Addison-Avaganza: The school bully who mostly picks on Bradley by giving him wedgies, "poundings" and refers to him as "Scradley". He had a light voice in the opening but a deep one in the cartoon series. His common phrases are when arguing with Russell about Polly (Russell: It's your sister, Lance: Half-sister, Russel: Whatever). When bullying Bradley, he says the lines "Hey, Scradley", "Wedgie/Pounding time, Scradley", "Your gonna pay for this, Scradley". Voice of Candi Milo but played by Jason Dolley. He will appear in "Cowboy Knights" voiced by Spencer Boldman.
  • Russell Schnolivcka: Lance's smelly partner also helps him to do no good and is less intelligent, but Ms. Mobley gave him a straight-A report card in one episode. He is known for saying "Yeah" (while copying Lance or his own words) and "What?". He is from the USSR. Voice of Candi Milo but played by Mitchell Musso. He will appear in "Cowboy Knights" voiced by Billy Unger.
  • Dylan "Dil" Larynx: An excitable kid who speaks at the top of his lungs, and spits when he talks, due to a surgical problem in his vocal chords. To make matters worse, he is a chatterbox, meaning those around him have to endure long hours of him talking very loudly. He has a pet parrot named Pickle, who's just as loud as him. Voiced by Mark Wagner but played by Bradley Steven Perry but overdubbed by Wagner's voice. He will appear as a character in "Cowboy Knights" voiced by Tom Kenny.
  • Mr. Fracus Doodler: A wise senior citizen who tells stories about himself. He once grew a farm as said in the first episode. He is referred to as "Mr. D" by Stacey.
  • Melody: A disabled girl who somewhat of a ditz and is bit of a short-temperd, but she's sweet and friendly. It implied that she has a crush on Dil although he does have several arguments with him. She is voiced and played by Allisyn Ashley Arm.
  • Üter: An Austrian student from Düsseldorf, Germany who speaks with a thick German accent and tends to use German vocabulary through with his dialogue. He is based on "Uter Zorker", a German character from The Simpsons. He is also Dil's best friend. Uter's production design was originally going to be the show's version of American Dad character, Klaus Heissler, but due to copyright issues with Fox, the design was scrapped. Uter is played and voiced by Philip Wiegratz.
  • Mrs. Salazar: A Hispanic women who speaks Spanish rather than English. During the first course of the series, she only appeared in the animated segments except for "Temper Temper". She is the rarely seen character. She is voiced by Allegra Fulton but portrayed in Temper Temper by Pelenope Cruz. In the final season, she appears in live-action form portrayed and voiced by Florinda Meza, known for the role as Dona Florinda in El Chavo del Ocho.
  • Sabi: A stereotypical Hindu child who plays the trumpet in the band. He has a thick Hindu accent.
  • Hugo Styme: Bradley's doppleganger from the Hidden Palace who wants revenge for becoming the wielder of the pumpernickle breadloaf. Hugo does not appear in the live-action sequences except his first appearance in a mirror but animated with computer animation.


A feature-length (103 minutes) live-action/animation hybrid film aired in January 7, 2012 titled "Stick Around to the Movies". The movie features the final appearances and voice role talent of Leo Howard in a "Stick Around" project due to leaving the show for Disney XD's Kickin It'.

The movie is about Stacey and Bradley are involved in a detective case to stop an evil villain. The show features more live-action sequences as many shots were filmed in Hawaii, Japan and Jamaica. Instead of traditional animation, the 2-D animation sequences were made with flash-animation due to low budgeting for the animation sequences.

The film aired in Cartoon Network Flicks. Coincidentally, Kevin Wu, who hosts CN's Flicks, also did the voice-over and live-action guest appearance as Chang, a Japanese detective.