The Main Cast

The Kids

Jason Comlix-The main Character of the Show, Jason Is a kid who wares a red hat on his head all the time, Jason has a way of getting into trouble with the supernatural and unexplained (Aliens, Big foot, Zombies, etc). Deep down Jason is a fun Loving kid who just wants to get thought life.

Sarah Crow- The Main girl of the cast, Sarah likes to watch Soup operas. She Hangs around with the guys a lot and occasionally acts like a guy. For some reason she sticks close to Jason a lot. Almost like glue.

Ed Skipper - A Blond Hair Kid who wares Glasses due to a scar over his Left Eye. He Is a jerk plain and simple, the only reason the others hang around with him is because he brought the group together. He also is hated by Mr. SkullHead because he is the cause of his decapitation. Ed is a mean little boy who has not been punished enough.

Alex Germaine- Once as evil as Ed, Alex is now a lade back kid. He can’t cook for his life, so most of the time has company leave him when he has made chilly or pizza. Alex has the unforeseen occurrence of nearly getting killed, but thankfully when ever it appears he’s bit the dust he comes back with his line “I’m Not Dead Yet!

The Rest of the Gang

Mr. SkullHead- Once the grim reaper, SkullHead is now nothing but a Jamaican speaking, Voodoo Skull in a crystal ball. He lost his Body in an Unknown accident, said to have something to do with Ed. Most of the time SkullHead just sits in his jar reading a book or News paper. SkullHead lives in a yard with a well, thanks to Alex’s thinking, A ladder was put in the well that leads down to the Door to SkullHead’s house. SkullHead also has a Dog named Taco.

Ash Voorhees- Jason’s Vary Old Uncle on his mother’s side. Ash went to Vietnam to fight the Vietcong. Shortly afterwards Something happened that changed his live, all of his buddies were killed by some supernatural force, and Ash lost his hand. Ash Is now mostly a Drunk. But Comes in handy when fighting Zombies, or Aliens.

Phil the Cat- A cat that Jason bought, Phil acts a lot like Bill the Cat, who usually says Ack! But Phil is also able to meow at times. Phil is also A Russian communist, a German Nazi and many other things.

Recurring characters

Chomp- Jason’s IM Buddy, But He has no idea who or what chomp is. Chomp has been mention much of the first season, At the End of the season Chomp decides to Move To Sticksvill Alabama to join his buddy. But His Arrival Crates A problem.

Zim- An Alien who has been trying to take over the world. He makes Appearances thought out the First season, Although he is trying to take over the world, he most of the time likes to sit of Jasons sofa and watch T.V.

Gov. Adam West- The Governor of Gray county Adam West make on/off appearances in the First season. West is a vary stupid person as most shows interpret him. The only difference here is that he’s Blind. This happened after a freak accident with laser eye surgery.

Taco- Once the Taco bell chiwawa, Taco is now SkullHead’s Pet. Usually Just Says “taco”, but is known to say other stuff.

Other Characters

The Cows- The Main product of Sticksvill, the cows have happy lives. But They are constantly Killed By Grays who are trying to take over the world. The Cows are some of the major comic-relief of the show. They Also appear the be the smartest life forms in Sticksvill. They can sometimes be seen talking about physics, chemistry, and Biology.

The Grays- Aliens Trying to take over the world, so far noun of their plans have worked, but the day is coming when victory shall be theirs.

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