Stimar is the title character from the Nickelodeon animated series.

He is an alien genetic creation who believe that stature is determined by height. As Stimar is one of the shortest but strongest creation alive, he is considered defective. Stimar, on the other hand, believes that he is a mighty warrior and is superior to his own people.

After arriving on Earth, he enrolls in the nearest elementary school to begin his infiltration and becomes best friends with Andy, an avid preteen paranormal investigator.

He is the protagonist of a childrens show. Stimar is a hero, displaying little to no redeeming features, being overall a fairly unsympathetic character and seemingly capable of originally causing chaos and destruction for either himself or his own race. Stimar is voiced by Trey Parker.


Jhonen Vasquez has stated that Stimar is 16 alien years and 159 earth years.

As a smeet (a baby alien), Stimar was created by "evil genius", Dr. Jim Irken in an alien incubation chamber and therefore has no siblings or parents.

Physical Appearance

Stimar is an alien genetic creation standing on 3 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 77 lbs. He strongly resembles a combination of chimpanzee, hamster, french bulldog and koala with green-blue fur with a light blue stomach and around his eyes, two dark green markings; one on the back of his head isshaped like a maple leaf and other on his back is shaped like a hour glass, dark blue fossa-like eyes, short reptilian tail, black cat-like claws, a round purple mole-like nose, sharp wolf-like teeth, fused mole-like feet, wide mouth, frilled lizard-like frill and large bat-like ears. He has a limited ability to change his physical appearance, as he can retract a second set of arms, two antennae on his head tipped with teal, three spines tipped with white and a very dark blue that run down the back of his head and three other spines tipped with white and a very dark blue that run down his back into his body.


Stimar is an intelligent, bipedal, carbon-based organism with four arms, acute binocular vision, excellent night vision capabilities, acute sense of smell and hearing, motor-controlled ears equipped with fine hearing and sonar, and has the ability to lift 4,000 times his own weight, use 105 of his brain for higher mental functions, transmit and receive microwave radio energy via a pair of antennae on his head. The preferred frequency for his antennae is 2.5GHz, coincidentally the same as terrestrial microwave ovens. The blood-like compound that circulates carbon-rich nutrients and oxygen through his body primarily consists of water, being like that of terrestrial organisms of the planet 'Earth'.

Stimar can lift objects about 4,000 times his own size and weighs, due to a very strong skeletal system, sharp retractable claws, titanum contained in his bone structure, the extra set of arms that provides moral support the compact high tensile muscles packed in a unique formation.

His claws can be retracted completely or harshly. are able to grip anything: pads on his feet and paws contain a sticky suction-like substance allowing him to adhere to almost any surface and scale buildings and walls. He also can dig into the mountain sides and use his claws as mountain picks. His skeletal system is very flexible, allowing him to put his feet into his mouth and become a rolling ball/buzz-saw, and his legs are powerful enough to enable him to jump several feet into the air.

His skin and fur are made from a blend of several fire and destruction proof polymers. The bones of Stimar are quite impressive too, they are mixed with a metal like substance the is made from titanium and a special modified steel to make them virtually and hypotheticly unbreakable, they also give him most of his weight and render him useless in swimming anywhere. The antena are also important to his senses, they pick up radio, radar and any other signals. They also detect movements that disturb the molecules in the air. The poisin in the barbs on his back are a real accomplishment, modify and purify the toxins in them, almost instant death occours when the poisin enters the blood stream. His fur also contain polymers, which render him flame-proof, in addition to genetically modified metallic concentrations in his bone and tissue that render him bulletproof. His skeleton and tissue contains iron and titanium instead of the calcium and phosphate compounds of Earth organisms. He has a strong, flexible backbone, which allow him to become a rolling ball/buzzsaw. His spinal cord is on the ventral, not doral side of his spines, and he lacks the vertebral structure of neural spines. But Stimar has transverse, vertebral processes, which serves as attachment points for his ribs. He has two set of shoulders, (accounting for extra set of arms) one below neck and another pseudo-shoulder in his mid body. His pelvis is built of five fused bones on each side, rather than the three of all terrestrial vertebrates. Stimar has building speaker inside of his vocal cords so he can playing what he is hearing other evil co-workers saying. His six sharp spikes on the back of his head and on his back are filled with a poisonous toxin which is fatal to his self and Earth beings.

Highly advanced brain, he can think faster than supercomputers, picked up on learning any thing she could get her hands on quickly, her brain operates at 50% capasity, twice as much as the average genius. He uses 110% of his brain for high mental functions, as opposed to few percent used by humans. He is easily able to operate auto mobiles as well as be able to programs computer with amazing rapidity that comes easily to him and de-bug Windows Operating System software.

His eyes can pick up infrared and ultraviolet light as well as visible light, and he can filter out one or the other if necessary. He can see in normal vision (during this mode, his eyes appear dark blue in color), night vision (which is green), infrared (red), ultraviolet (purple, which allows him to seen animals that have left their scent marks), microscope vision, binocular vision, and a sort of isotope-type vision he can see even the most camouflage species of aliens. His eyes have red, reflective, photosensitive retinas to allow efficient and safe locomotion in trees and equipped with acute binocular and excellent night vision capabilities. He also has an extra eyelid that covers his eyes so it protects them for light, displays an ability to 'zoom in' (and apparently sees with a head-up display). His ears are large compared to his body size, but account for acute, fine hearing and use of sonar. Like terrestrial bats, Stimar uses sonar, which accounts for the size shape, and fine motor control of his ears and there are two 'chips' in each ear. One in the top of his right ear, and the other towards the bottom of his left ear. His ears can pick up all noise within 0-500+ decibels, and can move by emotion, and capable hearing extremely well, high sensitive cuz the eardrums are on the outside. . He has acute senses of smell. His large nose is able to pick up any scent for a very far being distance away, has the olfactory nerve sensitive enough to pick up the slightest trace of anything in the air and smell up to 10 miles away. It is highly sensitive and has tiny pores in the nose for which he can breath through.

His tail can wag with emotion and is sensitive. His teeth are very sharp. If one falls out it is quickly replaced by a new one. They are capable of breaking through wood, bone, glass and weak metals. His frill is used only for defense and mating. It is used to arouse the female. He also can act as an audio amplifier, radio and/or microphone, illustrated when he uses claw as the needle on a record player, and the music comes out of his open mouth. He can also act as a microwave radio receiver without any external equipment; he merely pops out his antennae and opens his mouth. He has an acute sense of smell and hearing, and can regrow his fur at will. He is also dexterously skilled in hand-to-hand combat, using all four arms or just two.

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