Elizabeth Maria Alario grew up in New York City, with her parents, Michael and Constance, and her older brother Michael Jr. (Mikey). She lived a pretty normal life until her powers manifested; she was moderately popular in school, did well academically, all that, until her junior year of high school. At the prom, her date, who she had a mild crush on, tried, at first tentatively and then more aggressively, to "get friendly". Finally, he had her backed into an empty hallway corner, away from the crowds, but before he could go too far, she inadvertently zapped him with her powers in unconscious self-defense. He was knocked out, and she fled, thankful that there were no other witnesses.... No one would believe him if he said she had zapped him with some weird rays from her eyes -- if he would even admit WHY she had done so.

The outburst of power had scared her, but she was determined to understand it, so she experimented in secret, trying to get the hang of it. At first, she could only use the bioelectric power if she was upset, but she gradually learned how to use it whenever she needed it, and after that, she learned how to control it better.

In her "outside" life, she graduated and applied to college, with no one the wiser about her powers... But before she left for university, she received a letter from the Hamilton Institute, and packed up to join the Strikers. While there, she met the man she would marry, Daniel McNeil, the Gene-X called Firefly / Ifrit. They left the Strikers for a time, and although Dan returned later, Liz did not rejoin until after the Kurnian Bomb incident.


As Sting Ray, Liz has the ability to absorb bioelectric energy from the life forms around her and channel it into blasts through her eyes. She absorbs this energy constantly and unconsciously, though she can "pull" at a faster rate if she needs to. Since all living things output bioelectricity, she can spread her absorption out over many "victims", ensuring that no single one is dangerously (or even noticeably) drained.

  Since the source of Liz' energy is so pervasive, it is difficult to render her powerless.

The only way would be to seal her into an insulated chamber by herself, and even then, she could continue to draw on the tiny microbes in the air until they ran out of energy. Of course, being forced to use this power source would weaken Liz' powers considerably.


 Liz is seemingly quite cheerful and open, but she actually keeps her feelings, even though they
can be quite strong, private.

She likes new things and adventure, but she also likes to believe that what she's doing is important (such as helping to save people in the Strikers). She has a strong sense of responsibility and perseverance, and generally finishes the things she starts.

Because she often holds back her feelings, she is sometimes suspicious that others are doing the same, making it hard for her to establish a real good rapport with other people.


Michael Alario - Father
Constance Alario - Mother
Michael (Mikey) Alario Jr. - Brother

Daniel McNeil - Husband
Three Children

Peter McNeil - Father-in-law
David Conner McNeil / Siphon - Brother-in-law
Jacob McNeil - Brother-in-law
Owen McNeil - Brother-in-law
2 Other In-Laws

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