Stitch And Expierments (2017) Poster

Stitch and Experiments is an American animated television series that has aired from 2017 to today as a part of Disney's One Saturday Morning on ABC.  It is a spinoff of the Lilo and Stitch franchise and focuses on Stitch, the other experiments that Jumba has made, Lilo, and the many problems that any of them come across from troubles in high school to experimental problems.


The series is a collaborate effort between the Lilo and Stitch creators Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois; producers Scott Rudin and Adam Schoreder of The Addams Family, Sister Act, Life with Mikey, The Firm, Sister Act 2 Back in the Habit, SabrinaClueless, The First Wives Club, Ransom, In and Out, Twilight, The Truman Show, A Civil Action, South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut, GoAnimate Bigger Longer and Uncensored, Sleepy Hollow, Bringing Out the Dead, Angela's Ashes, Rules of Engagement, Shaft, Chae Cook The Movie, Not Wednesday The Movie, Zoolander, The Weekenders Movie, School of Rock, The Stepford Wives, I Heart Huckabees, Team America World PoliceLemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, TJ and Friends 2018 The Movie, It's Complicated, The Social Network, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, The Dictator, Moonrise Kingdom, Aloha and Ouran High School Host Club; animator Richard Raynis of The Simpsons , King of the Hill , Futurama , Extreme Ghostbusters , Men in Black: The Series , Godzilla: The Series and Jackie Chan Adventures; Ford Riley the creator of The Lion Guard and Lilo and Stitch fan Harry Shoemaker, not to mention Disney TV Animation veterans Tony Craig and Roberts Gannaway.  The writers said that the Stitch anime is not canon and this is the series that takes place a couple of years after Leroy and Stitch.  The writers and producers also gave us 628 as a new villian alongside Hamsterviel. Originally the experiments were supposed to talk to each other while they spoke Tantalog to the humans and other characters but ABC and Shoemaker decided that it wouldn't be marketbale enough so they decided to let the experiments speak.  Some of Shoemaker's inspirations for story ideas in episodes include Peanuts, Doug, Rugrats, Hey Arnold!, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Boy Meets World,Seinfeld, Home Improvement, Kenan and KelRocko's Modern LifeRecess, Pepper Ann, The Simpsons, Men in Black: The Series, Hamtaro, Johnny Bravo, South Park, Beavis and Butt-HeadKing of the Hill, Martin, Sister Sister, Friends, Looney TunesDariaCatDog, Batman Beyond, Family GuyFuturama, The Powerpuff Girls, Frasier, Codename: Kids Next Door, Pinky and the Brain, Freakazoid, Teen Titans, Kim PossibleLloyd in Space, Phineas and Ferb, The Lion Guard, My Little Pony: Friendship is MagicThe Looney Tunes ShowPokemon, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Ranma 1/2The Weekenders and The Loud House among others as well as Shoemaker's own personal childhood and adolescent experiences.  Due to Rudin's track record with musicals he has allowed music by actual artists to appear on the show making it the first Disney animated series in history to have licensed music from other artists.


Stitch-Dee Bradley Baker

627(Evile)-Jack Black

Leroy-Vincent D'Onofrio

Chop Suey-Chris Sanders

Angel, Belle and Babyfier-Tara Strong

Dupe and Mertle Edmonds-Lilliana Mumy

Sparky, Coaster, Guilttrip, Phillip, Charger, Snipper, Cable Dude and Dorkifier-Billy West

Yang and Hocker-Scott Menville

Felix, Thrasher, Elastico, Topper, Wrapper, Cloudy, Poki, Snafu and Kernel-Tom Kenny

Sample, Fibber, Hammerface, Slick, Doubledip, Pop, Gotchu, Stopgo, Kingpin and Hamsterviel-Jeff Bennett

Slushy, Plasmoid, Swapper and Shredder-Greg Cipes

628 (Marvin)-Eric Bauza

Reuben, Houdini, Squeak, Frenchfry, Manners, Forehead, Lax, PJ and Weasel-Rob Paulsen

Wishy-Washy and Rollback-Paul Rugg

Splodyhead, Snooty and Shrink-Jason Marsden

Yin-Kath Soucie

Bonnie, Blowhard, Skip and Ploot-Nika Futterman

Clyde, Richter, Tank, Nosox, Mashy, Choppers and Hertz Donut-John DiMaggio

Nosy-Bobcat Goldthwait

Toons-Charlie Adler

Woody, Pix and Cyclo-Jim Cummings

Cannonball-Justin Shenkarow

Zawp-Bill Faggerbakke

Ace and Mr Jameson-Joshua Seth

Yaarp-Sean Astin

Heckler, Gantu and Cobra Bubbles-Kevin Michael Richardson

Clip, Phoon, Precious, Mary, Mr Stenchy, Mrs Sickly, Checkers, Hamlette, Welco, Twang, Plushy, Witch and Mrs Hasagawa-Grey Griffin

Gigi and Tickle-Tummy-Christina Puccelli

Holio and Melty-Lane Toran

Finder, Link and Slimy-Justin Rolland

Swirly, Heat and Spike-Richard Steven Horvitz

Sinker, Slugger, Glitch, Poxy, Fudgy and Spooky-Steven Blum

Remmy and Jumba-Maurice LaMarche

Whoops-Jess Harnell

Shoe-Seth Green

Morpholomew, Mulch and Inkstain-Bob Bergen

Howcome, Shortstuff, Boomer, Launch and Elena-Nancy Cartwright

Amnesio-Yeadley Smith

Bugby-Debi Derryberry

Bob, Deforestator and Kixx-Phil LaMarr

Zap and Splat-Kel Mitchell

Spats, Jam and Victoria-Jessica DiCicco

Lily-Kristin Wiig

Sproing, Stamen and Teresa-Francesca Marie Smith

Tattoo and Wormhole-Tress MacNielle

Shush and Mrs Laybourne (Lilo's teacher)-Lara Jill Miller

HunkaHunka-Hynden Walch

Carmen and Grand Councilwoman-Candi Milo

Phantasmo and Ricky-Carlos Alazraqui

Drowsy-Stephen Stanton

Sprout, Backhoe and Clink-Gary Anthony Williams

Retro-Kenan Thompson

Millie and Yuki-Pamela Adlon

Jumby-Dabney Coleman

Huggo, Brownout and Lady Delia-Cree Summer

Butter and Mrs Edmonds-April Winchell

Lonleyhearts-Jennifer Hale

Stank-Breanna Yde

Punk-Toby Huss

Crete and Uncrete-Mike Judge

UHF-Weird Al Yankovich

Zirconia-Nicole Oliver

Malt-Dave Willis

Dark End-Ben Diskin

Cyber-David Warner

Ariel-Nicole Sullivan

Melvin-Michael McKean

Wedgie-David Lander

Puck and Dunk-Brad Garrett

Lori-Kathy Najimy

Digger and Derrick-Gregg Berger

Shopahol-Alicia Silverstone (first 2 appearances) Cheryl Chase

Megan-Susan Egan (first 3 appearances) Melissa Joan Hart

Gibberish-Phil Proctor

Furry-Frank Welker

Flashbomb-Keith Ferguson

Trickster-Richard Ian Cox

Blondie-Veronica Taylor

Picker-Pat Pinney

Ruggles-Pat Fraley

Slobber-Dan Castellaneta

Alexander-Khary Payton

Lorider-Eddie Deezen

Pufferizer-Rodger Bumpass

Pleakley-Kevin MacDonald

Lilo-Lauren Tom

Keoni-Will Friedle

Nani-Tia Carrere

David-Rino Romano

Principal Eisner-William Daniels

Ellen-Cathy Cavadini

Lona-EG Daily

Additional Voices

Dee Bradley Baker

Tara Strong

Billy West

Scott Menville

Tom Kenny

Jeff Bennett

Greg Cipes

Rob Paulsen

Jason Marsden

Kath Soucie

Nika Futterman

John DiMaggio

Johnny Kassir

Jim Cummings

Bill Faggerbakke

Joshua Seth

Kevin Michael Richardson

Grey DeLisle

Christina Puccelii

Toran Caudell

Richard Steven Horvitz

Steven Blum

Maurice LaMarche

Jess Harnell

Bob Bergen

Nancy Cartwright

Debi Derryberry

Phil LaMarr

Jessica DiCicco

Francesca Marie Smith

Lara Jill Miller

Hynden Walch

Candi Milo

Carlos Alazraqui

Pamela Adlon

Cree Summer

April Winchell

Lauren Tom

Will Friedle

Rino Romano

Tress MacNeille

Mona Marshall

Jeff Bergman

Anndi McAfee

Catherine Taber

Tony Sampson

Samuel Vincent

Matt Hill

Paul Rugg

Frank Welker

Jack McBrayer

Nicole Sullivan

Keith Ferguson

Doug Lawrence

Dave Willis

Danny Cooksey

Gregg Berger

Cathy Cavadini

EG Daily

Derek Stephen Prince

Melissa Fahn 

Laraine Newman

Dan Castellaneta

Phil Proctor

Michael Bell

Bill Farmer

Charity James

Tia Mowry

Tamera Mowry

Tahj Mowry

Tom Kane

Sam Gifaldi

Justin Shenkarow

Grant Palmer

Charlie Schlatter

Charlie Adler

Colleen Villard

Sarah Natochemy

Veronica Taylor

Eric Stuart

Kate Higgins

Wendee Lee

Jennifer Hale

Rachel Crane

Ashley Johnson

JK Simmons

Erik Von Detton

Nick Jameson

Brianne Siddall

Pat Pinney

Pat Fraley

Rodger Bumpass

Clancy Brown

Keith Diamond

Corey Burton

Cathy Weseluck

Nicole Oliver

Kahry Payton

Fred Newman

Breanna Yde

Carlos Pan Vega

Jill Talley

Brian Donovan

Doug Erholtz

Kristin Wiig

Wendy Hoopes

Cam Clarke

Russi Taylor

Dante Basco

Jenna Von Oy

Joey Lawrence

Matthew Lawrence

Andrew Lawrence

Malie Flannagan

Kathleen Willhoite

Daran Norris

Marc Thompson

Ming Na Wen

Susanne Blakeslee

Brad Garrett

Mae Whitman

Hank Azaria

Cheryl Chase

Olivia Hack

Ben Diskin

Jennifer Darling

Moneca Storei

Kelly Sheridan

Richard Ian Cox

Michelle Ruff

Michael Reisz

Sherry Lynn

Pamela Hayden

David Kaufman

Nick Bakay

Ricky D'Shon Collins

Jason Davis

Courtland Mead

Eden Sher

Neil Ross  

Alfonso Riberio

Vanessa Williams

Edie McClurg


S1E1 "Home is Where the Ohana Is" (Air date September 23 2017)

S1E2 "Growing Up is Hard to Do" (Air date September 30 2017)

S1E3 "Cape Stitch" (Air date October 7 2017)

S1E4 "School Dazed and Confused" (Air date October 14 2017)

S1E5 "Kleptomania" (Air date October 21 2017)

S1E6 "Between The Rock and a Hard Place" (Air date November 4 2017)

S1E7 "Angel: Pop Star or Girlfriend" (Air date November 11 2017)

S1E8 "Mertle Edmonds: Portrait of a Teenage Brat" (Air date November 18 2017)

S1E9 "It's Good to be the King" (Air date December 2 2017)

S1E10 "Jumba and Pleakley and Stitch and Angel" (Air date December 9 2017)

S1E11 "Slushy Heats Up" (Air date December 16 2017)

S1E12 "How Bonnie and Clyde Almost Stole Christmas" (Air date December 23 2017)

S1E13 "Slumber Party Snafu" (Air date January 6 2018)

S1E14 "Chewing the Fat" (Air date January 13 2018)

S1E15 "Love is a Many Experimental Thing" (Air date February 10 2018)

S1E16 "7 Experiments and a Stenchy (Air date February 24 2018)

S1E17 "Jumba Jookiba: This is Your Life!" (Air date March 10 2018)

S1E18 "To Be Seen or Not To Be Seen" (Air date March 24 2018)

S1E19 "Reuben Comes Home" (Air date April 14 2018)

S1E20 "Remmy Player One" (Air date April 28 2018)

S1E21 "Nani's Birthday" (Air date May 12 2018)

S1E22 "The Alien Behind the Mask" (Air date May 12 2018)

S1E23 "The House at Stitch Corner" (Air date May 19 2018)

S1E24 "Big Heroes Stitch" (Air date May 26 2018)

S1E25 "628 Part 1" (Air date June 2 2018)

S1E26 "628 Part 2" (Air date June 9 2018)

S2E1 "Experiments in Black (Air date September 22 2018)

S2E2 "Spats the Rules" (Air date September 29 2018)

S2E3 "Mrs Hasagawa We Hardly Knew Ye" (Air date October 6 2018)

S2E4 "How to Train Your Dragon (without really even trying)" (Air date October 13 2018)

S2E5 "Dirty Dancing with the Stars" (Air date October 20 2018)

S2E6 "Witches of Kauai" (Air date October 27 2018)

S2E7 "Lilo Gone Bad" (Air date November 3 2018)

S2E8 "Gantu's Coming to Dinner" (Air date November 24 2018)

S2E9 "Comic Cons and Pros" (Air date December 1 2018)

S2E10 "The Nutcracker Warfare" (Air date December 22 2018)

S2E11 "Static Sparky Plug" (Air date January 5 2019)

S2E12 "Swapping Saturday" (Air date January 12 2019)

S2E13 "The Day That Lilo's Parents Died" (Air date January 19 2019)

S2E14 "Invasion of the Stitch and Sparky Snatchers" (Air date January 26 2019)

S2E15 "Super Bowl Madness" (Air date February 2 2019)

S2E16 "Enter the Paintrix" (Air date March 16 2019)

S2E17 "Jameson and Pelekai's Cinderella (Air date March 23 2019)

S2E18 "Regarding Jumby" (Air date March 30 2019)

S2E19 "Angel in the Outfield and Infield and Everywhere Else" (Air date April 13 2019)

S2E20 "Bad Hair Today Gone Tomorrow" (Air date April 20 2019)

S2E21 "Which wish is with Stitch" (Air date April 27 2019)

S2E22 "May the Farce be With You" (Air Date May 4 2019)

S2E23 "It's a Disney Disney Disney Disney Disney World Part 1" (Air date May 11 2019)

S2E24 "It's a Disney Disney Disney Disney Disney World Part 2" (Air date May 18 2019)

S2E25 "It's a Disney Disney Disney Disney Disney World Part 3" (Air date May 25 2019)

S2E26 "Experiment 000 Ain't no Hero" (Air date June 1 2019)